Searchable Online Version Al-Ṣaghānī, al-Shawārid الشوارد للصغاني

Al-Ḥasan bin Muḥammad al-Ṣaghānī (d. 1252 CE / 650 AH) was born in Lahore in modern-day Pakistan, growing up in Ghaznī in modern-day Afghanistan, spending part of his adult life in Hind (Indo-Pakistan) and others in Baghdad. He was a well-known scholar of hadith, the Quran and Arabic philology, besides being one of the best known Arabic-language lexicographers through his ʿUbāb al-Dhākhir. His Shawārid is concerned with non-standard pronunciations and usages of Arabic words and phrases, especially those found in the various qirāʾāt (variant readings) of the Quran.
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