Searchable Online Version Aisha Abd al-Rahman, Al-Iʿjāz al-Bayānī lil-Qurʾān الإعجاز البياني للقرآن لعائشة عبد الرحمن

Aisha Abd al-Rahman (died 1998 CE / 1419 AH) was an Egyptian author, scholar and professor of literature at Ain Shams University. Her Iʿjāz is a commentary and expansion on Ibn ʿAbbās's Gharīb, with much analysis and comparison. The book is made up of three parts. In the first two she writes about the field of Iʿjāz (The Quran's high art of expression), while the third part is in the style of a dictionary. It is this third part that is included on our website.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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