Searchable Online Version Abu Ḥayyān al-Gharnāṭī, Tuḥfat al-Arīb bi-mā fī l-Qurʾān min al-Gharīb تحفة الأريب بما في القرآن من الغريب لأبي حيان الغرناطي الأندلسي

Abu Ḥayyān al-Gharnāṭī (d. 1344 CE / 745 AH) was an Andalusian scholar of the 14th century. He was famous for the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the Islamic and philological sciences, described by al-Ṣuyūṭī as the greatest grammarian, linguist and scholar of hadith and the Quran of his era. His Tuḥfa is a concise dictionary of difficult and unusual terms and usages found in the Quran.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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