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2 وَجَّهْتِ سِجَافَتَهُ and سِدَافَتَهُ

; i. e. هَتَكْتِ سِتْرَهُ, i. e. أَخَذْتِ وَجْهَهَا: see arts. سجف and سدف, and جوه, conj. 2.3 وَاجَهَهُ , inf. n. مُوَاجَهَةٌ, He faced him; confronted him; encountered him; met him face to face (S, K, Msb.) He confronted him, accosted him, or encountered him, with speech, or words, or with his face. (Lth, JK, TA.) 4 أَوْجَهَ He repelled, or rejected, an asker, or a beggar. (T.) b2: See جوه.5 تَوَجَّهَ He tended, repaired, or betook himself, to, or towards, him, or it, either in a direct course, or indirectly. (IJ, in M and L, art. قصد.) b2: أَحْمَقُ مَايَتَوَجَّهُ A stupid man, who does not accomplish his affair well. (JK.) 8 لَمْ يَتَّجِهْ لِشَىْءٍ (S, K, art. بور; and M, K, art. بلد; &c.) He did not apply himself rightly to anything; he knew not the right course to pursue; like لَمْ يَهْتَدِ. See also أَحْمَقُ مَا يَتَوَجَّهُ; and see بَائِرٌ and غُمَّى. b2: اِتَّجَهَ لَهُ رَأْىٌ i. q. سَنَحَ. (S, TA.) See سَنَحَ, in two places. b3: اِتَّجَهَ إِلَى الصِحَّةِ He became convalescent.

وَجْهٌ b2: أَسْلَمْتُ وَجْهِى للّٰه I resigned, or resign, myself to God: i. e., I became, or become, * Muslim: وجه is here used for the whole because it is the most noble part: (Jel, ii. 106:) or ذاتى my course. (TA.) b3: مِنْ كُلِّ وَجْهٍ In every respect; considered from every point of view. b4: الوَجْهُ أَنْ يَكُونَ كَذَا The [proper or reasonable] way is that it should be thus: or the valid and obvious [way]. (Msb.) See تُرْعَةٌ. b5: وَجْهٌ A course, a purpose, or an object, which one is pursuing; a direction in which one is going or looking, & c. as also ↓ جِهَةٌ. b6: The way of a thing. (TA.) b7: لَيْسَ لِكَلاَمِكَ وَجْهٌ There is no truth, or correctness, in thy saying. (TA.) b8: وَجْهٌ Brightness [of intellect]. (L, voce كَدٌّ.) b9: لِوَجْهِ اللّٰهِ (Kur, lxxvi. 9) For the sake of God; or to obtain the countenance or favour of God. (Kull, p. 378.) See فِى ذَاتِ اللّٰهِ in art. ذُو. b10: لَوْكَانَ كَذَا لَكَانَ وَجْهًا Were it so, it were reasonable. b11: لَا وَجْهَ لَهُ, said of a phrase, &c., There is no reasonable way of accounting for it. b12: لَيسَ بِالوَجْهِ same as لَيْسَ بِوَجِيةٍ Not of respectable, or esteemed, or high, authority: (said of a word or phrase, &c.:) or it is not the proper way. b13: اِبْتِغَاءَ وَجْهِ اللّٰهِ From a desire of God's recompense: (Kur, ii. 274; and Expos. of the Jeláleyn:) or countenance, meaning favour. There are several similar phrases in the Kur, where وجه is explained in the same sense of ثَوَابٌ in the Expos. of the Jeláleyn. b14: جَبَسَهُ عَنْ وَجْهِهِ [He withheld him, or restrained him, from his course, purpose, or object]. (S, art. الت.) b15: صَرَفَ الشَّىْءَ عَنْ وَجْهُهُ He turned the thing away, or back, from its course, عَنْ سَنَنِهِ. (TA.) b16: خَرَجَ وَجْهُهُ (S, A, L, art. مرد; and L voce استعلج;) [for خَرَجَ نَبَاتُ وَجْهِهِ, The hair of his face grew forth]. b17: وَجْهُ الدَّهْرِ The beginning of time, (K,) and نَهَارٍ of day. (TA.) b18: رَوَاهُ عَلَى وَجْهِهِ, (S, K, art. قص,) and حَدَّثَ بِهِ عَلَى وَجْهِهِ: (Msb, art. قص:) see قَصَّ, in two places. b19: أَتَيْتُ الأَمْرَ مِنْ وَجَهِهِ, &c., and ↓ جِهَتِهِ: see مَأْتًى. b20: وَجْهٌ The drift of speech. (K, Kull, p. 378.) b21: مَضَىَ عَلَى وَجْهِهِ [He went at random, heedlessly, headlong, or in a heedless, or headlong, course, or manner; and so ذَهَبَ عَلَى وَجْهِهِ]: see رَكِبَ رَأْسَهُ in art. ركب. b22: دَهَبَ عَلَى وَجْهِهِ حَيْثُ شَآءَ [He went away at random whither he would]. (TA in art. سوم.) b23: بَلَّتْ مَطِيَّتُهُ عَلَى وَجْهِهَا and أَبَلَّتْ: see 1 in art. بل. b24: أُطْلُبُوا الحَوَائِجَ إِنَى حِسَانِ الوُجُوهِ Make ye petition, for the things that ye want, to persons of good rank or station. (El-Hasan El-Muäddib, in TA, art. نضر.) b25: وَجْهٌ (assumed tropical:) Consideration and regard. See 3 in art. اسو. b26: وَجْهٌ and ↓ جِهَةٌ The place towards which one goes: (Munjid of Kr:) or the place, region, quarter, part, or point, towards which a person, or thing, goes, tends, or is directed: so I have rendered ↓ جِهَةٌ: see صُقْعٌ, and مَسْجُوحٌ: ↓ جِهَةٌ signifies any place towards which one looks or goes; as also ↓ وِجْهُةٌ: (Har, p. 373:) the place, or point, of the tendency or direction or bearing of anything: whence كَذَا ↓ جِهَةَ in the direction of such a thing: and ↓ لِجِهَةٍ towards one quarter. b27: Hence, وَجْهُ الطَّرِيقِ The point, or place, to which the way, or road, leads: see ذَنَابَةٌ. And in like manner, وَجْهُ أَمْرٍ and ↓ جِهَتُهُ The end, or result, of an affair, to which it leads, or tends. b28: رَمَوْا وَجْهًا وَاحِدًا [They shot in one direction]. (M voce رِشْقٌ.) b29: وَجْهُ الضُّحَى The first, or beginning, of the ضُحَى. (TA voce رَوْنَقٌ, q. v.) b30: وَجْهٌ A chief of a people or party. (K.) b31: أَتَوْا مَنْ وَجْهِهِمْ: see فَوْرٌ. b32: وَجْهٌ i. q. طَرِيقَةٌ [meaning The mode, or manner, of a thing]. (KL.) b34: مَا أَدْرِى مَا وَجْهُهُ I know not what is its meaning. b35: أَخَذَ وَجْهَهَا [app. He degraded her; took away her grade: and hence he took her maidenhead: see وَجَّهْتِ سِجَافَتَهُ].

جَهَةٌ : see وَجْهٌ throughout. b2: مِنْ جِهَةِ كَذَا In respect of, or with reference to, such a thing: and by reason, or on account, or because, of such a thing. b3: الجِهَاتُ السِّتُ The six relative points or directions or locations; namely, above, below, before, behind, right, and left.

وِجْهَةٌ : see وَجْةٌ. b2: A way, mode, or manner, of acting, &c.

وَجِيهٌ Worthy of regard.

أَوْجَهُ More, and most, worthy of regard.

تَوْجِيهٌ : see وَلْثٌ. b2: التَّوْجِيهُ i. q. التَّوْرِيَةُ.

مُتَوَجَّهٌ A place towards which one tends, repairs, or betakes himself.
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