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1 هَارَه, (K,) [aor. ـُ inf. n. هَوْرٌ, (TA,) He threw it down; pulled it down; pulled it to pieces; or demolished it; namely, a building; (K;) and in like manner, a جُرْف [i. e. an abrupt, water-worn, bank, rising by the bed of a torrent or stream]; (TA [in which هُؤُورٌ is given as an inf. n. of this verb; but it is more probably an inf. n. of the intrans. verb only, agreeably with analogy;]) as also ↓ هوّرهُ, (S, A,) the pronoun relating to a building, (A,) and to a جُرْف; (S;) and هيّرهُ [in illustration of which see what is said of تهيّر, below]; (S, art. هير;) and ↓ تهوّرهُ, in which the pronoun relates to the upper part of a جُرْف, or to the brink of a well. (TA.) b2: هَارَ القَوْمَ, (K,) aor. ـُ inf. n. هَوْرٌ, (TA,) (tropical:) He slew the people, and threw them down prostrate, one upon another, (K,) like as when a جُرْف falls down. (TA.) And [in like manner you say,] ضَرَبَ فُلَانًا فَهَارَهُ (assumed tropical:) He smote such a one and prostrated him; as also ↓ هوّرهُ. (K, * TA.) b3: هَارَ, (S, A, Msb, K,) aor. ـُ inf. n. هَوْرٌ (S, Msb) and هُؤُورٌ, (S,) It became thrown down, pulled down, pulled to pieces, or demolished; or it fell in ruins, or to pieces; (S, A, K;) said of a building, (K,) and of a جُرْف [explained above]; (S, A;) as also ↓ انهار and ↓ تهوّر (S, A, K) and تهيّر, (K,) which last has ى as being interchangeable with و, or it may be of the measure تَفَيْعَلَ [originally تَهَيْوَرَ]: (TA:) or it fell; it fell, or tumbled, down; it collapsed; broke down; said of a building; (TA;) as also ↓ انهار and ↓ تهوّر; (Msb, TA;) said of a building, (TA,) and of a جُرْف, (Msb,) or of the upper part of the latter, and of the brink of a well; (TA;) [and ↓ اِهْتَوَرَ, q. v., probably signifies the same:] or it cracked, without falling; said of a جُرْف: (Msb:) or it cracked in its hinder part, remaining yet in its place; said of a building. (TA.) 2 هوّرهُ: see هَارَهُ, in two places.5 تهوّر: see هَارَ, in two places; in the former of which, تهيّر is also mentioned as syn. with تَهوّر. b2: (tropical:) He plunged, or fell, into an affair with little care [for the consequence thereof]: (S, K:) or تهوّر فِى الأُمُورِ he plunged, or fell, into affairs without thought, or reflection, or consideration: (A:) or تَهَوُّرٌ is a state, or condition, adventitious to the irascible faculty, by reason of which one ventures upon affairs not fit, or meet, to be ventured upon; as the fighting with unbelievers when they are more than double the number of the Muslims. (KT.) A2: تهوّرهُ: see هَارَهُ.7 إِنْهَوَرَ see هَارَ, in two places.8 اِهْتَوَرَ: see هَارَ, last signification. b2: It (a thing, S) perished. (S, K.) هَائِرٌ and هَارٍ, (S, A, Msb, K,) the latter formed by transposition from the former, [first into هَارِىٌ, and then into هَارٍ,] (S, TA,) like as شَائِكُ السِّلاحِ is changed into شَاكِى السِّلاحِ, (S,) applied to a building, (K,) and to a جُرْف, [explained above, (see هَارَهُ,)] (S, A, Msb,) Becoming thrown down, pulled down, pulled to pieces, or demolished: (S, A, K:) or falling; falling, or tumbling, down: (IAar:) or cracking, without falling: (Msb:) or cracking in its hinder part, remaining yet in its place. (TA.) See an ex. of the latter voce جَفْرٌ: and another in the Kur, ix. 110.]

مُتَهَوِّرٌ A man plunging, or falling, or who plunges, or falls, into an affair with little care [for the consequences thereof]. (S.) See 5.
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