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عدد المواضيع في هذا الكتاب 4953
4714. وجب17 4715. وجح10 4716. وجد17 4717. وجذ6 4718. وجر15 4719. وجز134720. وجس14 4721. وجع14 4722. وجن15 4723. وجه16 4724. وجى2 4725. وح1 4726. وحب2 4727. وحت4 4728. وحج3 4729. وحد19 4730. وحش15 4731. وحف16 4732. وحل14 4733. وحم14 4734. وحن6 4735. وحى8 4736. وخ1 4737. وخد12 4738. وخذ2 4739. وخز13 4740. وخش15 4741. وخض7 4742. وخط13 4743. وخف13 4744. وخم15 4745. وخى4 4746. ود2 4747. ودأ9 4748. ودب4 4749. ودج17 4750. ودح7 4751. ودع21 4752. ودق16 4753. ودك15 4754. ودن11 4755. ودى8 4756. وذأ9 4757. وذب5 4758. وذح10 4759. وذر18 4760. وذم13 4761. ورأ10 4762. ورب9 4763. ورث19 4764. ورخ8 4765. ورد22 4766. ورس18 4767. ورش15 4768. ورط17 4769. ورع19 4770. ورف12 4771. ورق19 4772. ورك19 4773. ورل11 4774. ورم17 4775. وره11 4776. ورى11 4777. وز2 4778. وزأ7 4779. وزب9 4780. وزر21 4781. وزع19 4782. وزغ18 4783. وزن17 4784. وزى5 4785. وس1 4786. وسب7 4787. وسج8 4788. وسخ13 4789. وسد15 4790. وسط20 4791. وسع20 4792. وسق17 4793. وسل16 4794. وسم20 4795. وسى5 4796. وش1 4797. وشب10 4798. وشج13 4799. وشح15 4800. وشر8 4801. وشظ10 4802. وشع11 4803. وشق16 4804. وشك14 4805. وشل9 4806. وشم16 4807. وشى9 4808. وص2 4809. وصأ4 4810. وصب19 4811. وصد13 4812. وصر11 4813. وصف17 Prev. 100




1 وَجُزَ, وَجُزَ, inf. n. وَجَازَةٌ (A, Msb, TA) and وَجْزٌ, (M, TA,) [It (an expression, or speech, or language,) was brief, or concise: or] it (an expression] was brief, and quickly intelligible: (Msb:) or it (a man's speech) was of few words; (A;) as also ↓ أَوْجَزَ, said of language: (A, K:) or both signify it (language) was of few words, with eloquence. (M, TA.) b2: وَجُزَ فِى مَنْطِقِهِ, aor. ـُ (A, K;) or ـك (Msb;) and وَجَزَ فِيهِ, aor. ـِ inf. n. وَجَازَةٌ; (A, K;) of the former verb; (TA;) and [of the latter] وَجْزٌ and وُجُوزٌ; (A, K;) and فِيهِ ↓ اوجز; (Msb;) [He was brief, or concise, in his speech, or language; contr. of أَطْنَبَ: or] he was of few words in his speech: (A, K: *) or he was brief, and quickly intelligible, in his language: (Msb:) or ↓ اوجز signifies he was quick and brief in speaking. (Nh, TA.) See this latter verb below.

A2: وَجَزَ اللَّفْظَ: see 4.4 أَوْجَزَ see 1, in four places.

A2: اوجز اللَّفْظَ [He made the expression brief, or concise; and in like manner, the speech, or language: or] he made the expression brief, and quickly intelligible; as also ↓ وَجَزَهُ, aor. ـِ (Msb:) or ـز كَلَامَهُ, (A, K,) inf. n. إِيجَازٌ, (A,) he made his language to be of few words: (A, K:) or اوجز الكَلَامَ he abridged the language; (S;) i. q. اِخْتَصَرَهُ; though there is a logical distinction between the two, for the mention of which this is not the place: (M, TA:) the difference is said to be this; that the former signifies he expressed the correct meaning concisely, without regard to the original words; and the latter, “he curtailed the words, preserving the meaning. ” (MF, in art. خصر.) b2: اوجز العَطِيَّةَ He made the gift prompt, or speedy: (A, K:) or he made the gift little, or small. (L, TA.) A3: اوجز عَلَى القَتِيلِ He hastened and completed, or made certain, the slaughter of the slain man; i. q. أَجْهَزَ عَلَيْهِ. (Abu-l-Mikdám Es-Sulamee, in TA, art. نجز.) 5 توجّز الشّءَ He sought, asked, or demanded, the accomplishment of the thing; syn. تَنَجَّزَهُ: (S, K:) he sought, asked, or demanded, it; syn. إِلْتَمَسَهُ; (K;) and asked for its accomplishment; تنجّزه meaning إِلْتَمَسَهُ وَسَأَلَ نَجَازَهُ. (TA.) وَجْزٌ Quickness; speed; haste. (TA.) As an epithet, applied to a man, (TA,) Quick of motion (K, TA) in that which he begins: (TA:) fem. with ة: (K:) and quick, applied to a camel. (TA.) b2: Also, applied to a man, (TA,) Prompt, or quick, in giving. (K.) b3: Also, وَجْزٌ (S, K) and ↓ وَجِيزٌ (S, A, Msb) and ↓ وَاجِزٌ (TA) and ↓ مُوجَزٌ (S, K) and ↓ مُوجِزٌ, (S,) applied to an expression, (Msb,) or language, (S, A, K, TA,) [Brief, or concise:] or brief, or quickly intel-ligible: (Msb:) or consisting of few words: (A, TA:) or abridged: (S:) or light, or easy, (خَفِيفٌ, K, TA,) and keeping within just, or moderate, bounds: (TA:) and all these epithets (all but the last accord. to the K, and the last also accord. to the TA,) are likewise applied to the thing, or an affair, [app. meaning, small, or slight, or the like:] (K, TA:) and the first is also applied to a gift, and to beneficence, meaning, little, or small. (TA.) وَجِيزٌ: see وَجْزٌ, in two places.

وَاجِزٌ: see وَجْزٌ, in two places.

مُوجَزٌ and مُوجِزٌ: see وَجْزٌ, in two places. b2: موجز: [so in the L and TA: it may be either مُوجَزٌ or مُوجِزٌ:] One of the names of [the month of]

صَفَر: [app. for one or other of the reasons mentioned voce صَفَرٌ:] thought by ISd, to be an appellation used in the time of the tribe of 'Ád [who are also said to have called this month نَاجِرٌ]. (L, TA.) مِيجَازٌ [Brief, or concise, in speech;] a man who uses few words in speech and in reply, &c. (IDrd, K, * TA.)
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