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التَّوَاثِيرُ i. q.

أَعْوَانُ الرَّجُلِ. (TA, in art. امل.)


1 وَثُرَ, aor. ـُ inf. n. وَثَارَةٌ; [and app., وَتْرٌ; (see the second signification;)] It (a thing, S, M, Msb, or a bed, A) was, or became, plain, level, smooth, soft, or easy to lie or ride or walk upon. (S, M, A, Msb, K.) b2: وَثِرَتِ العَجُزُ; and وَثُرَت, inf. n. as above, (tropical:) The buttocks became fat. (A.) See also وَثَارَةٌ, below.

A2: وَثَرَهُ, (M, A, K,) aor. ـِ (K,) inf. n. وَثْرٌ (M, TA) and ثِرَةٌ; (TA;) and ↓ وثّرهُ, inf. n. تَوْثِيرٌ; (M, A, K;) He made it plain, level, smooth, soft, or easy to lie or ride or walk upon. (M, A, K.) And وثّر مَرْكَبَهُ He made the thing on which he rode smooth, soft, or easy to ride upon. (A, Msb.) 2 وَثَّرَ see 1, in two places.4 مَا أَوْثَرَ فِرَاشَكَ How smooth, soft, or easy to lie upon, is thy bed! (A, TA.) 10 استوثر الفِرَاشَ He found, or deemed, the bed smooth, soft, or easy to lie upon. (A, * TA.) b2: إِذَا تَزَوَّجْتَ امْرَأَةٌ فَاسْتَوْثِرْهَا (tropical:) [When thou takest a woman as thy wife, choose her fat, suitable for a bedfellow: see وَثِيرٌ]. (A, TA.) وَثْرٌ: see وَثِيرٌ.

وِثْرٌ: see وَثِيرٌ, in three places. b2: See also مِيثَرَةٌ, throughout.

وَثِرٌ: see وَثِيرٌ.

وَثَارٌ: see وِثَارٌ.

وِثَارٌ, a subst., Plainness, levelness, smoothness, softness, or state of being easy to lie or ride or walk upon; as also ↓ وَثَارٌ. (M, K.) A2: See also وَثِيرٌ, in two places.

وَثِيرٌ Plain, level, smooth, soft, or easy to lie or ride or walk upon; (T, S, M, A, K;) as also ↓ وِثْرٌ (T, S, K) and ↓ وَثْرٌ and ↓ وَثِرٌ; (M, K;) applied to a bed, (T, S, A, K,) and anything upon which one sleeps, (T, TA,) or sits, (TA,) and finds it to be thus, (T, TA,) and to other things: (M, K;) and thick and soft; applied to a bed: (Msb:) [and ↓ وِثَارٌ seems to signify the same; or this and ↓ وَثْرٌ are epithets in which the quality of a subst. predominates:] fem. وَثِيرَةٌ. (M K.) You say, مَا تَحْتَهُ وِثْرٌ, and وِثَارٌ, (S, TA,) There is not beneath him a smooth, or soft, bed. (TA.) b2: وَثِيرَةٌ (tropical:) A woman having much flesh: (IDrd, S, Msb, K:) or fat; (T, A, K;) suitable for a bedfellow: (T, K:) and وَثِيرَةُ العَجُزِ (tropical:) large, (T,) or fat, (A,) or soft, (M,) in the buttocks: (T, M, A:) pl. وَثَائِرُ and وِثَارٌ. (M, K.) A2: See also مِيثَرَةَ, throughout.

وَثَارَةٌ: see 1. b2: (tropical:) Abundance of fat: (Az, S:) or of flesh: (K:) or the latter is termed وَثَاجَةٌ. (Az, S.) أَوْثَرُ More [and most] smooth, or soft; applied to a bed. (TA, from a trad.) مِيثَرَةٌ, (T, S, M, A, Mgh, Msb, K,) of the measure مِفْعَلَةٌ, from الوَثَارَةُ, (TA,) without hemz, (S, TA,) originally مِوْثَرَةٌ, (Msb, * TA,) the و being changed into ى because of the kesreh before it, (TA,) and ↓ وَثِيرٌ and ↓ وِثْرٌ, (K,) or [only]

مِيثَرَةٌ, (TA, &c.,) of a horse's saddle, (T, M, A, Mgh, Msb, K,) and of a camel's saddle, (T,) A thing in the form of a pillow, made for the saddle, like the صُفَّة [q. v.], (M, Mgh, K,) to render it soft, or easy to ride upon: (T:) or the saddlecloth or housing (لِبْدَة) of a horse: (S:) pl. مَوَاثِرُ and مَيَاثِرُ, (S, M, A, Mgh, Msb, K,) the latter agreeing with the sing., (Msb,) retaining the permuted letter, as is the case in أَعْيَادٌ, pl. of عِيدٌ. (IJ, M.) b2: Also, accord. to the K, [referring to the three words above,] or [correctly] the red مَيَاثِر, (المَيَاثِرُ الحُمْرُ,) which are forbidden to be used, (S, IAth, TA,) Certain things to ride upon, (مَرَاكِبُ, S, IAth, K, TA,) used by the أَعَاجِم, (S,) or عَجَم, (IAth, TA,) [meaning Persians or other foreigners,] made of دِيبَاج or حَرِير [silk brocade or other silk]: (S, IAth, K, TA:) or the red مِيثَرَة, (مِيثَرَةُ اِلأُرْجُوَانِ,) forbidden, in a trad., to be used, is a stuffed thing to ride upon, which is put upon a camel's saddle: (TA:) and the red ميثرة which is put upon a horse's saddle is included in the prohibition. (IAth, TA.) b3: Also, the first of the above three words, (M,) or all of them (K) A garment or piece of cloth which is put as a covering over other garments or pieces of cloth. (M, K.) b4: Also, (accord. to the K [referring to the three words above,] or [correctly] مَيَاثِرُ, (TA,) The skins of beasts of prey. (K, TA.)
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