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1 صَقَرَ, (S, M, K,) aor. صَقُرَ, (M,) inf. n. صَقْرٌ, (S, M,) He broke, (S, K,) or struck, (M,) stones, (S,) or a stone, (M, K,) with a صَاقُور [q. v.]. (S, M, K.) b2: صَقَرَهُ بِالعَصَا, (M, K,) inf. n. as above, (M,) He struck him, or beat him, (M, K,) on his head, (M,) with the staff, or stick. (M, K.) b3: صُقِرَ بِهِ الأَرْضُ He was thrown, or cast, upon the ground; lit. the ground was struck with him. (O, K. [In some copies of the K, صقر in this instance and the verb explaining it (ضرب) are in the act. form, and الارض is therefore in the accus. case.]) b4: صَقَرَ النَّارَ, (M, K,) inf. n. as above; (M;) and ↓ صقّرها, (M, K,) inf. n. تَصْقِيرٌ; (TA;) He lighted, or kindled, the fire; or made it to burn, burn up, burn brightly or fiercely, blaze, or flame. (M, K.) b5: صَقَرَتْهُ الشَّمْسُ, (S, M, A,) aor. and inf. n. as above, (M,) (tropical:) The sun hurt him by its heat: (A:) or pained his brain: (S:) or fell vehemently, with fierce heat, upon him, or upon his head: or was hot upon him. (M, TA.) [See also 1 in art. سقر.] b6: صَقَرَنِى

بِكَلَامِهِ (tropical:) [app. He cursed me, and calumniated me]. (A. [These meanings seem to be there indicated by the context.]) A2: صَقَرَ اللَّبَنُ The milk was, or became, intensely sour; as also ↓ اصقرّ, inf. n. اِصْقِرَارٌ; (K;) and ↓ صَمْقَرَ, (K in art. صمقر,) and ↓ اِصْمَقَرَّ. (K in that art and in the present art. also.) b2: [See also صَقْرٌ, below, last explanation but one.]2 صقّر النَّارَ: see 1.

A2: صقّر التَّمْرَ, (M,) or الرُّطَبَ, inf. n. تَصْقِيرٌ, (As, TA,) He poured صَقَر [q. v.], (M,) or دِبْس, [which is the same,] (As,) upon the dates, (M,) or upon the fresh ripe dates. (As.) 4 اصقرت الشَّمْسُ (tropical:) The sun was, or became, burning, or fiercely burning; syn. اِتَّقَدَت; (M, K;) as also ↓ اِصْمَقَرَّت, (L and K in art. صمقر,) in which the م is augmentative: (L in that art.:) the former is from اصتقرت said of fire. (M.) 5 تصقّرت النَّارُ: see 8.

A2: تصقّر [He hawked;] he hunted with the صَقْر. (A, K.) A3: And He tarried, stayed, or waited, (K, TA,) in a place. (TA.) 8 اصتقرت النَّارُ and اصطقرت The fire became lighted or kindle; burned, burned up, burned brightly or fiercely, blazed, or flamed; (M, K;) as also ↓ تصقّرت. (K.) 9 اصقرّ: see 1, last explanation. Q. Q. 1 صَمْقَرَ: see 1, last explanation. Q. Q. 1 صَوْقَرَ He (a bird) uttered the cry termed صَوْقَرِير [q. v.]: (K:) reiterated his cry. (TA.) Q. Q. 4 اِصْمَقَرَّ: see 1, last explanation: b2: and see also 4.

صَقْرٌ [The hawk;] the bird with which one hunts, or catches, game; (S;) whatever preys, or hunts or catches game, of the birds called بُزِاة [pl. of بَازٍ] and شَوَاهِين [pl. of شَاهِين]; (M, A, K;) a kind of bird including the بَازِى and the شَاهِين and the زُرَّق and the يُؤْيُؤ and the بَاشَق: (AHát, TA in art. بشق:) [like our term “ saker,” and the French “ sacre,” &c:] pl. [of pauc.]

أَصْقُرٌ (M, K) and [of mult.] صُقُورٌ and صُقُورَةٌ (M, A, K) and صِقَارٌ and صِقَارَةٌ and صُقُرٌ; (M, K;) the last of which is said by Th to be pl. of صُقُورٌ, which is pl. of صَقْرٌ, but [ISd says] I hold it to be pl. of صَقْرٌ: the fem. is ↓ صَقْرَةٌ. (M.) b2: [and accord. to Reiske, as mentioned by Freytag, A liberal man: perhaps a noble man, as likened to a hawk.]

A2: Also, (S, K,) and ↓ صَقْرَةٌ, (S, M, K,) Vehemence of the stroke of the sun, (S, M, K,) and fierceness of its heat: (M:) or the vehemence of its stroke upon the head: (M:) pl. [of the latter] صَقَرَاتٌ. (S, A.) A3: Also the former, Sour milk; (K;) [and] so ↓ صَقْرَةٌ: (A:) or milk rendered sour by a stroke of the sun: (Sh:) or milk sour in the utmost degree: (As:) or very sour milk; as also ↓ صَقْرَةٌ: (S:) or this latter is milk that has curdled, and of which the thick part has become separate, and the whey become clear, and that has become sour, so as to be a good kind of sauce. (L.) One says, تَزْوِى الوَجْهَ ↓ جَآءَنَا بِصَقْرَةٍ

[He brought us some sour milk, or very sour milk, &c., such as contracts the face, or makes it to wrinkle: like as one says بِصَرْبَةٍ]. (S, A, L.) b2: Also, (T, S, M, Msb, K,) and ↓ صَقْرَةٌ, (M,) [The exuded, or expressed, juice called] دِبْس; (S, K;) in the dial. of the people of El-Medeeneh: (S:) or the دِبْس of dates; (M;) or of fresh ripe dates, (Mgh, Msb,) before it is cooked; i. e. what flows from them, like honey, and what, when it is cooked, is called رُبّ: (Msb:) or the honey of fresh ripe dates and of raisins; as also ↓ صَقَرٌ: (K:) or the honey of fresh ripe dates when it has become dry, or tough: or what exudes from grapes, and from raisins, and from dates, without their being pressed; (M;) as also ↓ صَقَرٌ: (TA:) or, in the dial. of the Bahránees, [or people of El-Bahreyn,] the crude دِبْس, resembling honey, which flows from baskets of dates when they [i. e. the dates] are deposited and congested, in an uncovered chamber, [so I render بَيْت مُصَرَّح, but the meaning of the epithet is not clear,] with green earthen pots beneath them. (AM, TA.) b3: And the former, (صَقْرٌ,) (assumed tropical:) Water that has become altered for the worse in taste and colour. (K, O, TA. [See also مُصَقَّرٌ and صَقَرَةٌ.]) A4: صَقْرْ also signifies A دَائِرَة [or feather, i. e. portion of the hair naturally curled or frizzled in a spiral manner or otherwise,] behind the place of the liver (AO, K, TA) of a horse or similar beast, (K, TA,) on the right and on the left, (TA,) or in the back of a horse: (AO, TA:) there are two such feathers, (AO, K, TA,) which are the limit of the back. (AO, TA.) A5: Also, [probably as an inf. n., of which the verb is صَقَرَ,] The acting the part, or performing the office, of a pimp to [men's] wives, or women under covert. (IAar, M, O, K. [In the CK, الحَرَمِ is erroneously put for الحُرَمِ.]) Hence the epithet صَقَّار, [as some explain it,] occurring in a trad. [which see below]. (TA.) b2: And A cursing of such as is not deserving [thereof]: pl. صُقُورٌ and صِقَارٌ. (K.) صَقَرُ a name of Hell; a dial. var. of سَقَرُ [q. v.]. (K.) A2: صَقَرٌ Fallen leaves of the [kind of trees called] عِضَاه, and [particularly] of the عُرْفُط, (M, K,) and of the سَلَم, and of the طَلْح, and of the سَمُر: not so called until they fall. (M.) A3: See also صَقْرٌ, in two places.

رُطَبٌ صَقرِ, (S,) or صَقِرٌ مَقِرٌ, (M, K,) in which the latter word is an imitative sequent, (K,) Fresh ripe dates containing صَقْر: (M, K:) [melliferous:] or proper for دِبْس [or صَقْر]. (S.) A2: اِمْرَأَةٌ صَقِرَةٌ A woman sharp, or acute, of mind, (ذَكِيَّةٌ, [in the CK, erroneously, زَكِيَّةٌ,]) strongsighted. (Sgh, K.) جَآءَ بِالصُّقَرِ وَالبُقَرِ, (A, K, TA,) and ↓ بِالصُّقَارَى

وَالبُقَارَى, (K, TA,) (tropical:) He came with lies, and excitements of dissension: (A, TA:) or with sheer lying: (K:) or with sheer, and excessive, or abominable, lying: (TA:) each being a name for that which is unknown: (K, TA:) and in like manner one says جآء بِالشُّقَرِ وَالبُقَرِ, and بِالشُّقَارَى

وَالبُقَارَى; mentioned by IDrd, in the JM; and by Meyd, in the Collection of Proverbs. (TA in art. بقر.) [See also Har p. 399.]

صَقْرَةٌ: see صَقْرٌ, in six places.

صَقَرَةٌ (assumed tropical:) Water remaining in a watering-trough in which dogs and foxes void their urine, (O, K, TA,) altered for the worse in taste and colour. (TA. [See also صَقْرٌ and مُصَقَّرٌ.]) صُقْرَةٌ (assumed tropical:) A colour, of a bird, in which the خُضْرَة [or dark, or ashy, dust-colour] thereof, or the blackness thereof, is mixed with redness or yel-lowness; as being likened to [the colour of] صَقْرَة [or صَقْر], i. e. دِبْس: a bird of that colour is termed ↓ مُصَقَّرٌ: so in the book entitled “ Ghareeb el-Hamám,” by Hoseyn Ibn-'Abd-Allah el-Kátib El-Isbahánee. (TA.) صَقُورٌ, (so in a copy of the M in two instances, and so in the O in one instance,) or ↓ صَقُّورٌ, (so in the O in another instance, and so accord. to the K, in which latter it is expressly likened to تَنُّورٌ,) A wittol, or tame cuckold; syn. دَيُّوثٌ: (M, K:) or one who acts the part of a pimp to his own wives, or women under covert; as also ↓ صَقَّارٌ: (O:) the former epithet occurring in a trad. (M, O.) صُقَارَى: see جَآءَ بِالصُّقَرِ وَالبُقَرِ, above.

صَقَّارٌ [A falconer, or rearer of hawks. (Golius, from Meyd: and so in the present day.) A2: And] i. q. دَبَّاسٌ [A seller of دِبْس, or صَقْر]. (O, K.) A3: Also (assumed tropical:) One who is in the habit of cursing (M, O, K) those who are not deserving [of being cursed]: (M, O, K:) and (assumed tropical:) a calumniator: and (assumed tropical:) an unbeliever. (M, O, K.) The Prophet, being asked the meaning of صَقَّارٌ, (M, TA,) or of سَقَّارَةٌ, (T, TA,) or of صَقَّارُونَ, (O,) occurring in a trad., said (assumed tropical:) Young people who shall be in the end of time, whose mutual greeting will be mutual cursing. (T, M, O, TA.) See also صَقُورٌ.

صَقُّورٌ: see صَقُورٌ.

صَاقِرٌ, applied to a صَقْر [or hawk] Sharp-sighted. (K.) صَوْقَرٌ: see صَاقُورٌ.

صَاقِرَةٌ A calamity, (M, K,) or a vehement calamity, (O,) befalling. (M, K.) صَاقُورٌ [A pickaxe;] a large فَأْس (AA, S, M, K) with one slender head, with which stones are broken; (AA, S, M;) i. q. مِعْوَلٌ; (AA, S, A;) and ↓ صَوْقَرٌ signifies the same; (M, K;) [but] this latter is expl. by IDrd as meaning a thick فَأْس with which stones are broken. (TA.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) The tongue. (M, K.) b3: See also what next follows.

صَاقُورَةٌ The inner side of the cranium, over the brain, (M, K, TA,) as though it were the bottom of a bowl: in the T said to be termed ↓ صَاقُورٌ. (TA.) b2: And صَاقُورَةُ, (M,) and الصَّاقُورَةُ, (M, K,) a name of (assumed tropical:) The Third Heaven. (M, K.) صَوْقَرِيرٌ A cry of a bird, (M, K,) with a reiteration, (M,) resembling the sound of this word. (M, K.) أَصْقَرُ in the following saying, (M,) هٰذَا التَّمْرُ

أَصْقَرُ مِنْ هٰذَا These dates have more صَقْر than these, (AHn, M, K,) has no verb. (M.) مُصْقَرٌّ Milk that is sour and disagreeable: (Ibn-Buzurj, TA:) and ↓ مُصْمَقِرٌّ signifies milk intensely sour. (TA in art. صمقر.) رُطَبٌ مُصَقَّرٌ Fresh ripe dates, (A,) or fresh ripe dates that have become dry, (S,) upon which is poured دِبْس (S, A) of ripe dates, (A,) in order that they may become soft: and sometimes it occurs with س; for they often change ص into س when there is in the word ق or ط or غ or خ; as in بُصَاقٌ and صِرَاطٌ and صُدْغٌ and صَمَاخٌ: (S:) or excellent fresh ripe dates, picked from the raceme, which are put into [earthen vessels of the kind called] بَسَاتِيق [pl. of بُسْتُوقَةٌ (in the TA erroneously written بَسَاتِين)], and upon which صَقْر is poured: they remain moist and good all the year. (AHn, L.) b2: And مَآءٌ مُصَقَّرٌ (assumed tropical:) Water altered for the worse [in colour, as though صَقْر, i. e. دِبْس had been mixed with it]. (M. [See also صَقْرٌ and صَقَرَةٌ.]) b3: And طَائِرٌ مُصَقَّرٌ (assumed tropical:) A bird of the colour termed, صُقْرَةٌ, q. v. (TA.) مُصَقِّرٌ One who hunts with hawks. (A, * TA.) مُصْمَقِرٌّ A day intensely hot: the two م in this word are augmentative. (TA.) b2: See also مُصْقَرٌّ.
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