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1 رَصَفَهُ, aor. ـِ [or رَصُفَ, as appears from what follows,] inf. n. رَصْفٌ, He put, or joined, together, or together and in regular order, its several parts. (M.) [Hence,] رَصَفَ الحِجَارَةَ, (S, O, Msb, in the M الحَجَرَ,) aor. ـُ inf. n. as above, (S, M, Msb,) He put, or joined, together the stones (S, O, Msb) in building, or in the building or structure: (S, O:) or he built, or constructed, and joined together, the stones. (M.) And رُصِفَتْ أَسْنَانُهُ His teeth were disposed in a regular and an even row in their manner of growth; as also رَصِفَتْ, [aor. ـَ inf. n. رَصَفٌ. (M.) And رَصَفَ قَدَمَيْهِ He (a man praying, O, K) put his feet together: (S, O, K:) or رَصَفَ مَابَيْنَ رِجْلَيْهِ he put his legs near together. (M.) b2: Also He bound it round with a thing. (Har p. 376.) You say, رَصَفَ السَّهْمَ, inf. n. رَصْفٌ, He bound, (S, O, K,) or wound, (M,) a sinew (عَقَبَة) upon the socket of the head of the arrow, (S, M, O, K,) when it had broken. (M.) A2: رَصِفَتْ أَسْنَانُهُ: see above. b2: رَصِفَتْ also signifies She [a woman] was small, or narrow, in the فَرْج [or vulva]. (M.) A3: رَصُفَ, aor. ـُ inf. n. رَصَافَةٌ, said of a deed, or an action, (assumed tropical:) It was firm, or sound; or firmly, or soundly, or well, executed, or performed. (O, K.) b2: [See also رَصَافَةٌ below.]

b3: One says also, هٰدَا أَمْرٌ لَا يُرْصُفُ بِكَ (assumed tropical:) This is a thing, or an affair, that will not become thee, or be suitable to thee. (S, O, K.) 2 تَرْصِيفٌ [inf. n. of رصّف] The putting, or placing, together, or constructing, well stones or bricks in a building. (KL.) b2: The connecting well words with words. (KL.) b3: And The binding round an arrow well [at the part in which the head is inserted] with a sinew. (KL.) 4 ارصف He mixed his wine (شَرَابَهُ) with what is termed مَآءُ الرَّصَفِ, i. e. water descending from the mountains, upon the rocks. (O, K.) 5 تَرَصَّفَ see 8.6 تَرَاْصَفَ see 8. b2: تَرَاصَفُوا فِى الصَّفِّ They stood close together, side by side, in the rank. (S, O, K.) تَرَاصُفٌ is syn. with تَلَاصُقٌ. (O.) 8 ارتصف It had its several parts put, or joined, together, or together and in regular order; as also ↓ ترصّف, [or this means it had its several parts well put, or joined, together, &c., (see 2, of which it is the quasi-pass.,)] and ↓ تراصف. (M.) رَصَفٌ Stones put, or joined, together, (S, M, O, Msb, K,) [whether artificially or naturally, and particularly] in a channel of water: (O, K:) n. un. ↓ رَصَفَةٌ. (S, M, O, Msb, K.) A dam constructed for [the purpose of obstructing or retaining] water: [such is now termed ↓ رَصِيفٌ; which is originally an epithet, but thus used as a subst., and commonly applied to a quay; and a bank, generally of masonry or bricks, raised along the side of a river or of a lake &c.; and any similar mass of masonry:] also (i. e. رَصَفٌ) the channel of a [reservoir such as is termed] مَصْنَعَة. (M.) [Hence,] مَآءُ الرَّصَفِ The water descending from the mountains, upon the rocks. (K.) El-'Ajjáj says, مِنْ رَصَفٍ نَازَعَ سَيْلًا رَصَفَا meaning that the wine of which he is speaking was mixed with water of a رَصَف [or ledge of rocks or stones] that had contended, in flowing, with another رَصَف, because of its thereby becoming more clear and more delicate: he suppresses the word signifying water, meaning it to be understood, (saying مِنْ رَصَفٍ for مِنْ مَآءِ رَصَفٍ, [but in both of my copies of the S, مَآءٍ is erroneously put for مَآءِ,]) and he calls its passing (مَسِيرَهُ [in the O and in one of my copies of the S مَسيلَهُ]) from رصف to رصف its contending therewith [i. e. with the latter رصف]. (S, O.) b2: See also رَصَفَةٌ.

رَصْفَةٌ: see the next paragraph. b2: The رَصْفَتَانِ are Two sinews, or ligaments, (عَصَبَتَانِ,) in, or between, the [two bones called] رَضْفَتَانِ of the two knees. (M.) رَصَفَةٌ n. un. of رَصَفٌ, q. v. b2: Also A sinew (عَقَبَةٌ) that is wound upon the socket of the head of an arrow, (S, M, O, K,) when it has broken; (M;) as also ↓ رُصَافَةٌ (Lth, O, K) and ↓ رُصُوفَةٌ, each with damm; (K;) or as also ↓ رِصَافَةٌ, [thus written with kesr,] of which the pl. is رَصَائِفُ (M) and [coll. gen. n.] ↓ رِصَافٌ; (M, O;) but [ISd says,] I think that AHn has made this last to be a sing.: and ↓ رَصَفٌ is the pl. of رَصَفَةٌ, [or rather it is a coll. gen. n.,] and أَرْصَافٌ I hold to be pl. of رَصَفٌ: (M:) or رِصَافٌ is the pl. of رَصَفَةٌ. (S, K.) b3: Also, and ↓ رَصْفَةٌ, A sinew (عَقَبَةٌ) that is bound upon another sinew, and is then bound upon the suspensory (حِمَالَة) of the bow. (M.) b4: And رَصَفَتَانِ [if not a mistake for رَضَفَتَانِ] Two round bones in the knee of a horse, separate from the other bones. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.

رَصْفَآءُ: see رَصُوفٌ.

رَصَافٌ: see رَصَفَةٌ. b2: Also A part like stairs, in the side of a mountain; pl. رُصُفٌ. (Ibn-'Abbád, O.) رَصُوفٌ A woman narrow in the فَرْج [or vulva]: (S, M, O:) or small therein: (M:) or small in the vulva, and narrow therein, and, consequently, impervia viro; as also ↓ رَصْفَآءُ (IAar, * O, * K) and ↓ مَرْصُوفَةٌ: (O, * K:) or this last, [syn with مَرْفُوغَةٌ,] a woman whose place of circumcision has cohered [after the operation, when she was young], and, consequently, impervia [viro]. (M.) رَصِيفٌ [Put, or joined, together, or together and in regular order, in its several parts; like

↓ مَرْصُوفٌ]. You say, أَسْنَانُهُ رَصِيفَةٌ and ↓ مُرْتَصِفَةٌ His teeth are disposed in a regular and an even row in their manner of growth. (M.) b2: [Hence,] (assumed tropical:) An imitator, or emulator, of another in actions; and an inseparable associate. (O. K.) b3: and (assumed tropical:) A deed, or an action, that is firm, or sound; or firmly, or soundly, or well, executed or performed: (S, O, Msb, K:) and in like manner, an answer, or a reply: (S, O:) or an answer, or a reply, that is strong, or valid; not to be rebutted. (Msb.) b4: Also An arrow having a sinew (عَقَبَة) wound upon the socket of its head, when it has broken; and so ↓ مَرْصُوفٌ. (M.) b5: See also رَصَفٌ.

A2: Also sing. of رِصَافٌ, which signifies The sinews, or ligaments, (عَصَب,) of the horse: or this signifies the bones of the side: (Ibn-'Abbád, O, K:) and has for its pl. رُصُفٌ, like كُتُبٌ [as pl. of كِتَابٌ]. (K.) رَصَافَةٌ inf. n. of رَصُفَ. [q. v]. (K.) b2: الرَّصَافَةُ بالِشَّىْءِ signifies The being gentle (الرِّفْقُ) with the thing: and [hence] it is said in a trad., وَلَمْ يَكُنْ بِنَا مِنْهَا ↓ لَنَا عِمَادٌ أَرْصَفَ [And no stay, or support, to us was more gentle, or convenient, (أَرْفَقَ,) to us than she, or it]: no verb thereof [in this sense] has been transmitted. (M.) رُصَافَةٌ: see رَصَفَةٌ.

رِصَافَةٌ: see رَصَفَةٌ.

رُصُوفَةٌ: see رَصَفَةٌ.

أَرْصَفُ [i. q. أَرْفَقُ]: see رَصَافَةٌ.

مَرْصُوفٌ: see رَصِيفٌ, in two places. b2: مَرْصُوفَةٌ, applied to a woman: see رَصُوفٌ.

مِرْصَافَةٌ i. q. مِطْرَقَةٌ [q. v.]: (O, K:) because the thing hammered, or beaten, is joined, and made to cohere, therewith. (O.) مُرْتَصِفُ الأَسْنَانِ A man having the teeth near together. (O, K.) See also رَصِيفٌ. b2: المُرْتَصِفُ The lion. (IKh, O, K.) [This art. is wanting in the copies of the L and TA to which I have had access.]
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