Searchable Online Version Al-Muṭarrizī, al-Mughrib fī Tartīb al-Muʿrib المغرب في ترتيب المعرب للمُطَرِّزي

Al-Muṭarrizī al-Khawārizmī (d. 1213 CE / 610 AH) was a scholar of both the Arabic and the Persian languages. Unlike many other scholars of the Islamic world, al-Muṭarrizī did not travel to seek learning. He sought knowledge in his homeland of Khawārizm, which was one of the world's active centers of knowledge in his time. He was born in the city in which al-Zamakhsharī died (al-Jurjānīya, modern day Urgench in Uzbekistan), causing him to be called "al-Zamakhsharī's successor". His Mughrib is his abbreviation of a larger linguistic work of his own, al-Muʿrib. Unlike other dictionaries, this dictionary also concerns itself with proper knowns, such as the names of places, while also containing many Persian terms that had entered usage in the Arabic of his time.
Contents محتويات الكتاب
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