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1 شَدَنَ, (S, K,) aor. ـُ (S,) inf. n. شُدُونٌ, (S, K,) said of a gazelle, and of the young of any cloven-hoofed animal, and camel, and solid-hoofed animal, He became strong, and in no need of his mother: (K:) or he became strong, and in a good state of body, and active and grown up, and vied with his mother in his faculties [so I render مَالَكَ أُمَّهُ of which I do not find any explanation] so that he went along with her; and [in this sense] it is said of a colt also: (TA:) or, said of a young gazelle, he became strong, and his horns came forth, and he became in no need of his mother: and sometimes it is said of a colt [in a similar sense]. (S.) Hence, it is said of a boy, meaning He became strong, and active and grown up. (Har p. 536.) 4 اشدنت She (a gazelle) had a young one that had become such as is termed شَادِن. (S, K.) شَدْنٌ A kind of tree, (K, TA,) having weak, or soft, and thick stems, (TA,) the flower of which is like the jasmine (K, TA) in form, but tinged with redness, and more pleasant [in odour] than the jasmine; said by IB to be of pleasant odour. (TA.) شَدَنِيَّاتٌ Certain she-camels, so called in relation to a place in El-Yemen, (S, K, and EM p. 229,) named شَدَن: (TA, EM:) or in relation to a certain stallion. (IAar, K, TA. [In the CK, فَحْلٌ is erroneously put for فَحْلٍ.]) شَادِنٌ A young gazelle that has become strong, and whose horns have come forth, and that has become in no need of his mother: (A 'Obeyd, TA: [see شَصَرٌ:]) when used alone, [not as an epithet, in which quality it seems to be applied also to the young of any cloven-hoofed animal, and camel, and solid-hoofed animal, (see 1,)] it means [simply] a young gazelle. (S, TA.) مُشْدِنٌ [without ة] A doe-gazelle whose young one has become such as is termed شَادِن: (S, K, TA:) or who has a شَادِن following her: and in like manner applied to other animals of the clovenhoofed kind, and of the solid-hoofed, and to a camel: (TA:) pl. مَشَادِنُ and مَشَادِينُ, (S, K,) like مَطَافِلُ and مَطَافِيلُ, (S,) [pls. of مُطْفِلٌ,] the latter pl. anomalous. (TA.) مَشْدُونَةٌ, applied to a girl, i. q. عَاتِقٌ [i. e. That has newly attained to puberty, and has not been married; or that is between the periods of puberty and middle age; &c.]. (IAar, K.)
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