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1 شَدِقَ, inf. n. شَدَقٌ, said of a man, He was wide in the شِدْق [q. v.]. (M, TA. *) b2: And He was eloquent. (TA.) 5 تشدّق He twisted his شِدْقَانِ, [i. e. the two sides of his mouth, or the quivering flesh of his mouth, inside his cheeks,] in order to affect clearness, or distinctness, of speech, or to be more clear, or distinct, in speech. (K.) And تشدّق فِى كَلَامِهِ He opened his mouth and was diffuse in his speech. (M, TA.) شَدْقٌ: see what next follows.

شِدْقٌ (Lth, S, M, Mgh, O, Msb, K) and ↓ شَدْقٌ (Lth, M, O, Msb, K) The quivering flesh (طَفْطَفَة) of the mouth, inside the two cheeks; (Lth, O, K;) or so the dual of each: (M:) or the side of the mouth; (S, Mgh, Msb;) so says Az: (Msb:) pl. (of the former, S, Msb) أَشْدَاقٌ (Lth, S, M, O, Msb, K) and (of the latter, Msb, TA) شُدُوقٌ. (M, Msb, TA.) One says, نَفَخَ فِى شِدْقَيْهِ [He blew in the sides of his mouth so as to distend them]. (S.) And إِنَّهُ لَوَاسِعُ الأَشْدَاقِ, meaning [Verily he is wide] in the شِدْق; using the pl. as a sing.; a phrase mentioned by Lh. (M, TA.) شِدْقَا الفَرَسِ means The chink of the mouth of the horse, to the extremity thereof at [the place of] the bit [on each side]. (M.) تَرْكَبُ شِدْقَهَا مِنَ النَّشَاطِ [app. meaning (assumed tropical:) She goes at random, (like تَرْكَبُ رَأْسَهَا,) by reason of briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness,] is said of a woman and of a she-camel and of a mare. (K voce مِضْرَارٌ.) b2: and (tropical:) The two sides of a valley; as also ↓ شَدِيقٌ: (K:) or the duals, شِدْقَانِ and شَدْقَانِ, have this signification; the sings. signify the side of a valley; (O;) or so شِدْقٌ, with kesr; (Msb;) and so ↓ شَدِيقٌ. (O.) شَدَقٌ [mentioned above as inf. n. of 1] Wideness of the شِدْق: (S, K:) or, as in the T, wideness of the شِدْقَانِ. (TA.) b2: And Eloquence. (S, * TA.) b3: and (assumed tropical:) A bending, or winding, in a valley. (TA.) شِدَاقٌ A certain brand with which a camel is marked upon the شِدْق. (M, TA.) شَدِيقٌ: see شِدْقٌ, in two places.

شَدْقَمٌ and شَدْقَمِىٌّ: see the next paragraph; the former in three places: and see also art. شدقم.

أَشْدَقُ A man wide in the شِدْق: (M:) or a man wide in the شِدْقَانِ: (Mgh, Msb:) or wide in the شِدْق, and inclining therein in any manner: (TA:) fem. شَدْقَآءُ: (M, K:) and pl. شُدْقٌ: (K:) and ↓ شَدْقَمٌ and ↓ شَدْقَمِىٌّ signify the same as أَشْدَقُ; the م being augmentative, as in فُسْحُمٌ and سُتْهُمٌ; or, accord. to IJ, it is radical: (M, TA:) whence, i. e. from شَدْقَمٌ in the sense expl. above, (I 'Ab, TA,) one says also ↓ شِدْقٌ شَدْقَمٌ, meaning a wide شدق: (I 'Ab, M, TA:) and شَفَةٌ شَدْقَآءُ means a lip wide in the part where each شِدْق is cleft [by the extremity of the mouth]. (M, TA.) b2: It is also applied as an epithet to an orator, (S, M, K, TA,) meaning Eloquent; (M, K, TA;) good and eloquent in speech; (M, * TA;) and so ↓ شَدْقَمٌ. (TA.) مُتَشَدِّقٌ One who twists his شِدْقَانِ in order to affect clearness, or distinctness, of speech, or to be more clear, or distinct, in speech. (S. [See 5.]) b2: Diffuse in speech, without preparation, or caution, or precaution: or one who ridicules men, twisting his شِدْقَانِ with them and against them. (TA.) And مُتَشَدِّقٌ فِى مَنْطِقِهِ Diffuse in his speech. (TA.) Quasi شدقم شَدْقَمٌ Wide in the شِدْق [or side of the mouth]; (S, K;) applied to a man; as also ↓ شَدْقَمِىٌّ; (TA;) and ↓ شُدَاقِمٌ: (K, TA:) [mentioned under this head in the S and K, but] the م is augmentative. (Az, S.) It has been erroneously said that it is with the pointed ذ. (MF.) b2: See also أَشْدَقُ. b3: Also The lion; (K;) and so ↓ شُدَاقِمٌ. (IB, TA.) b4: And A certain stallion-camel belonging to En-Noamán Ibn-El-Mundhir: whence

↓ شَدْقِمِيَّاتٌ Certain camels, so called in relation to that stallion. (S, K.) شَدْقَمِىٌّ: and شَدْقَمِيَّاتٌ: see the preceding paragraph.

شُدَاقِمٌ: see the first paragraph, in two places.
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