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1 زَحَمَهُ, (Mgh, Msb, K,) aor. ـَ inf. n. زَحْمٌ (Msb, K) and زَحْمَةٌ (Msb) and زِحَامٌ, with kesr; (K; [but see what here follows, and see also زَحْمَةٌ below;] and ↓ زاحمهُ, (S, Msb, TA,) inf. n. مُزَاحَمَةٌ (Msb, TA) and زِحَامٌ; (Msb;) i. q. ضَايَقَهُ [i. e. He straitened him, meaning, in this instance, by pressure; and properly, being in like manner straitened by him]: (K in explanation of زَحَمَهُ, and TA in explanation of زاحمهُ:) or i. q. دَفَعَهُ [he pushed him, or repelled him]; generally meaning [he pushed against him] in a strait, or narrow, [or crowded,] place: (Msb in explanation of زَحَمَهُ, and app. in explanation of زاحمهُ also:) [or i. q. دَافَعَهُ, which often signifies the same as دَفَعَهُ; but more properly, he pushed him, &c., being pushed, &c., by him: for] زَحَمَنِىَ النَّاسُ means دَافَعُونِى [i. e. The people pushed against me; or pushed me, &c., being pushed, &c., by me;] in a strait, or narrow, [or crowded,] place: (Mgh:) [or pressed, crowded, or thronged, me:] and مُزَاحَمَةٌ is syn. with مُدَافَعَةٌ: (TA in art. دفع:) ↓ اِزْدَحَمَهُ in the place of زَحَمَهُ is a mistake. (Mgh.) One says, زَحَمَ القَوْمُ بَعْضُهُمْ بَعْضًا The people straitened one another; syn. تَضَايَقُوا; [or pressed, crowded, or thronged, one another;] in a sitting-place, or place of assembly: (Msb:) as also ↓ ازدحموا, (Msb, K, * TA,) in whatever place it be; (Msb;) and ↓ تزاحموا. (K, * TA.) One may also use the pass. form of زَحَمَ, i. e. زُحِمَ [meaning He was straitened, by pressure; &c.]; and that of زَاحَمَ, i. e. ↓ زُوحِمَ [meaning the same]. (Msb.) A2: ↓ زَحِمَ زُحْمَةً He gobbled a gobbet, or morsel, or mouthful: so in the “ Nawádir; ” as also زَهِمَهَا. (TA.) 3: see above, in two places. b2: [Hence,] one says, زَاحَمَ عَلَى الرِّئَاسَةِ وَأَرَادَهَا (assumed tropical:) [He strove for headship, or command, and desired it]. (IAar, TA in art. رأس.) [And hence the prov. زَاحِم بِعَوْدٍ أَوْ دَعْ: see art. عود.] b3: [Hence, likewise,] زاحمهُ also signifies (assumed tropical:) He treated him, or behaved towards him, with roughness, rudeness, hardness, harshness, or ill-nature. (TA. [I find this explanation noted down by me as taken from the TA, but without any reference to the art. from which I obtained it. It is not in the present art.]) b4: زاحم الخَمْسِينَ He (a man, TA) approached, (K, TA,) and reached, or attained, (TA,) the [age of] fifty [years]; (K, TA;) as also زَاهَمَهَا. (TA.) 6 تَزَاْحَمَ see 1, and 8. b2: تزاحمت الأَمْوَاجُ and ↓ ازدحمت The waves dashed against each other. (TA.) See a verse cited below, voce زَحْمٌ.8 إِزْتَحَمَ see 1, in two places; and see also an ex. in a verse cited below, voce زَحْمٌ. One says also, ازدحموا عَلَى كَذَا and عَلَيْهِ ↓ تزاحموا [They pushed, pressed, crowded, or thronged, together, upon, or against, such a thing]. (S.) b2: Hence, by way of metaphor, ازدحم الغُرَمَآءُ (tropical:) [The creditors were, or became, numerous and pressing]. (Msb.) b3: See also 6.

زَحْمٌ [originally an inf. n.,] i. q. قَوْمٌ مُزْدَحِمُونَ [A party, or company of men, straitening one another by pressure; pushing, pressing, crowding, or thronging, one another; i. e. a press, crowd, or throng]. (K, * TA.) A poet says, ↓ جَآءَ بِزَحْمٍ مَعَ زَحْمٍ فَازْدَحَمْ المَوْجِ إِذَا المَوْجُ الْتَطَمْ ↓ تَزَاحُمَ [He brought a crowd with a crowd, and they pressed, one against another, like the dashing together of the waves when the waves beat one another]: he uses [here] an inf. n. not conformable to the verb. (ISd, TA.) زُحْمٌ, with damm, a name of Mekkeh: (K, * TA:) so says Th: but ISd says that the name commonly known is رُحْم [or أُمُّ رُحْمٍ or أُمُّ الرُّحْمِ]: (TA:) or it is أُمُّ الزُّحْمِ [probably, I think, a mistranscription for أُمُّ الرُّحْمِ]. (K, TA.) زَحْمَةٌ [an inf. n. of زَحَمَهُ accord. to the Msb] i. q. ↓ زِحَامٌ [likewise an inf. n. of زَحَمَهُ accord. to the K, and of زَاحَمَهُ accord. to the Msb: both signify A straitening, pushing, pressing, crowding, or thronging]. (S.) b2: زَحْمَةُ الوِلَادَةِ The moaning, or hard breathing, (زَحْرَة,) with which the child comes forth; as also زَجْمَة and زَكْمَة. (K in the present art. and in art. زجم.) زُحْمَةٌ A gobbet, morsel, or mouthful. (TA.) See 1, last sentence.

زِحَامٌ: see زَحْمَةٌ.

مِزْحَمٌ i. q. كَثِيرُ الزِّحَامِ or شَدِيدُهُ [i. e. One who straitens, pushes, presses, crowds, or throngs, much or vehemently]. (K.) Hence, مَنْكِبٌ مِزْحَمٌ [A shoulder that pushes vehemently]. (TA.) هُوَ سَيِّدُ قَوْمِهِ غَيْرُ مُزَاحَمٍ i. q. غَيْرُ مُدَافَعٍ, (K in art. دفع, q. v.) مُزَاحِمٌ, (T, TA,) or أَبُو مُزَاحِمٍ, (T, K, TA,) or اِبْنُ مُزَاحِمٍ, (M, TA,) The elephant: (T, M, K:) and a bull having horns: so in the T, on the authority of IAar: (TA:) or a bull having the horns broken. (M, K, TA) b2: مُزَاحِمٌ is also the name of A certain horse. (K, * TA.)
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