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1 رَاجَ, (S, A, Msb, K,) aor. ـُ (S, A, Msb,) inf. n. رَوَاجٌ, (S, A, K,) or this is a simple subst., and the inf. n. is رَوْجٌ, (Msb,) It (a thing, S, or a commodity, Msb) had an easy, or a ready, sale; was, or became, saleable; easy, or ready, of sale; or in much demand. (S, * A, * Msb, K. *) b2: and رَاجَتِ الدَّرَاهِمُ, inf. n. رَوْجٌ, The dirhems, or money, passed, or had currency, among men, in buying and selling. (Msb, TA.) b3: And راج الأَمْرُ, inf. n. رَوْجٌ and رَوَاجٌ, accord. to IKoot, The thing, or affair, was, or became, quick, speedy, or expeditious: (L, Msb:) or came quickly. (MF.) b4: And راج It was, or became, present, or ready, and prepared: so in the saying, خُذْ مَا رَاجَ [Take thou what is present, or ready, and prepared]. (Har p. 116.) b5: See also 2. b6: راجت الرِّيحُ, (K,) or ↓ روّجت, (Msb, [app. a mistranscription, unless رُوِّجَت be meant,]) The wind was, or became, confused, (Msb, K,) not continuing from one direction, (Msb,) so that one knew not whence it came. (K.) 2 روّج, (S, A, Msb, K,) inf. n. تَرْوِيجٌ, (A, Msb, K,) He made a commodity to have an easy, or a ready, sale; to be saleable; easy, or ready, of sale; or in much demand. (S, A, K. *) b2: He made money to pass, or be current. (S, * A, * Msb.) b3: روّج الشَّىْءَ, and روّج بِهِ, He made the thing to be quick, speedy, or expeditious; or was quick with it. (L.) b4: رَوَّجْتُ is also syn. with

أَرَّجْتُ: so in the saying, ↓ رَوَّجْتُ الأَمْرَ فَرَاجَ, aor. of the latter يَرُوجُ, and inf. n. رَوْجٌ, [app. meaning I excited the affair, or event, and it became excited.] (TA.) b5: روّج كَلَامَهُ He embellished his speech, or language, and made it vague, so that one knew not its true meaning: (Msb, TA:) from رَاجَتِ الرِّيحُ, (TA,) or from روّجت الرِّيحُ. (Msb.) b6: For روّجت الريح see 1, last sentence. b7: روّج الغُبَارُ عَلَى رَأْسِ البَعِيرِ [perhaps رُوِّجَ] The dust continued, or went round, upon, or over, the head of the camel; syn. دَامَ. (TA.) 5 تروّج He [app. a camel] went round about the watering-trough, or tank, thirsting, and not getting to it. (K.) رَوْجَةٌ Haste, quickness, speed, or expedition. (IAar.) رَوَاجٌ [an inf. n., (see 1,) or] a subst., meaning The state, or quality, of having an easy, or a ready, sale; of being saleable; or in much demand. (Msb.) رَوَّاجٌ [app. applied to a camel] Going round about the watering-trough, or tank, thirsting, and not getting to it. (K.) أَمْرٌ مُرَوَّجٌ A confused thing or affair. (TA.) فُلَانٌ مُرَوِّجٌ Such a one is a person who makes commodities to have an easy, or a ready, sale; to be saleable; easy, or ready, of sale; or in much demand: or who makes money to pass, or be current. (S.)
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