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1 شَغَفَهُ, (S, O, Msb, K,) aor. ـَ (Msb, K,) inf. n. شَغْفٌ, (Msb,) He, or it, struck, or smote, his شَغَاف; (O, K;) like كَبَدَهُ meaning “ he, or it, struck, or smote, his كَبِد ” [or “ liver ”]; (O, TA;) so says Yoo: (TA:) or it (i. e. love) rent the شَغَاف of his heart: (Fr, TA:) or it (love) reached his شَغَاف: (ISk, S, TA:) or شَغَفَ قَلْبَهُ it (love) reached the شَغَاف of his heart, i. e. his pericardium. (Msb.) I'Ab read, [in the Kur xii. 30,] قَدْ شَغَفَهَا حُبًّا, and expl. the meaning to be [He has affected her so that] the love of him has entered beneath the شَغَاف: (S, TA:) or the meaning is, the love of him has struck, or smitten, her شَغَاف: (Lth, O, TA:) or he has rent the شَغَاف of her heart, i. e. its حِجَاب, [app. meaning her midriff,] so as to reach her heart, with love: (Bd:) Abu-l-Ash-hab read قَدْ شَغِفَهَا حُبًّا, with kesr to the غ, [meaning he has became attached to her, or has loved her,] like the reading of Thábit El-Bunyánee, شَعِفَهَا, with kesr to the unpointed ء: (O, TA:) [for] شَغِفَهُ, aor. ـَ [inf. n. app. شَغَفٌ,] signifies he became attached to him, or loved him. (K, TA.) One says also, شَغَفَهُ المَالُ, meaning The property became embellished to him, [or pleasing to him,] so that he loved it. (Msb.) And شُغِفَ بِالشَّىْءِ, like عُنِىَ, He was, or became, vehemently desirous of the thing; or fond of it. (TA.) And شَغِفَ بِالشَّىْءِ, like فَرِحَ, He became disquieted, or disturbed, by the thing. (TA.) 5 مَا هٰذِهِ الفُتْيَا الَّتِى تَشَغَّفَتِ النَّاسَ, a saying of I'Ab, means [What is this judicial sentence] that has put vain suggestions into the minds of the people, and separated them? as though it entered the شَغَاف of their hearts. (TA.) [See also 1 in arts. شعب and شغب.]

شَغْفٌ: see شَغَافٌ in two places.

شَغَفٌ [app. inf. n. of شَغِفَ: and accord. to Fei, app., Love reaching to the pericardium; or heartfelt love; see an ex. in a verse cited voce بَلْ; and see also حُبٌّ, and شَعَفٌ;] a subst. from شَغَفَ قَلْبَهُ, said of love. (Msb.) A2: See also شَغَافٌ, in two places.

A3: Also The bark (نَجَب, AHn, O, or قِشْر, K) of the kind of tree called غاف. (AHn, O, K. *) شَغَافٌ The pericardium; i. e. the غِلَاف, (S, O, K,) or غِشَآء, (Msb,) of the heart: (S, O, Msb, K:) or [app. a mistake for “ and,” as will be shown by what follows,] its حِجَاب [generally meaning the midriff], (K,) [here said to be,] accord. to AHeyth, a certain fat that clothes the heart: (TA:) [J seems to confound the غِلَاف of the heart with its حِجَاب; for after “ the غَلاف of the heart,” he adds, “and it is a skin beneath it (دُونَهُ), like the حِجَاب: ”] or the حَبَّة (K) or the سُوَيْدَآء [both generally meaning the core] thereof: (O, K:) or the place of entrance (مَوْلج) of the phlegm: (Lth, O, K:) and ↓ شَغْفٌ and ↓ شَغَفٌ signify the same in the two senses, (K,) or in the first and second senses: (TA:) or القَلْب ↓ شَغْفُ and ↓ شَغَفُهُ signify the same as شَغَافُهُ, accord. to AHeyth: (O:) the pl. of the شَغَاف of the heart is شُغُفٌ; which is metaphorically applied in a saying of 'Alee to the place of the fœtus [in the belly]. (TA.) A2: Also, (A'Obeyd, S, O, K,) and ↓ شُغَافٌ, (K,) the latter agreeable with analogy as the name of a disease, (TA,) A certain disease that attacks one, beneath the شَرَاسِيف [pl. of شُرْسُوفٌ, q. v.], in the right side: (A'Obeyd, S, O, K:) and (some say, TA) a pain of the belly: (K, TA: [in the CK, البَظْر is erroneously put for البَطْن:]) and (some say, TA) a pain of the شَغَاف of the heart: (K, TA:) accord. to As, شَغَافٌ signifies a certain disease in the heart, which, if it reaches to the spleen, kills the patient. (TA.) شُغَافٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مَشْغُوفٌ Insane, or mad; (O, K;) like مَشْعُوفٌ. (O.) And مَشْغُوفٌ بِمَالٍ One to whom property is embellished [or rendered pleasing,] so that he loves it. (Msb.)
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