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1 زَكَمَ, (K,) inf. n. زَكْمٌ, (TA,) He filled a water-skin: (K, TA:) and زَكْبٌ signifies the same as زَكْمٌ, i. e. the act of filling: this is the primary meaning. (TA.) b2: See also 4. b3: زَكَمَ بِنُطْفَتِهِ (tropical:) He emitted his sperma genitale (M, A, K) like the discharge of mucus from the nose of the مَزْكُوم. (A.) b4: زَكَمَتْ بِهِ أُمُّهُ (assumed tropical:) His mother brought him forth [in an absolute sense (as in a saying here following), or], accord. to IAar, easily. (TA.) One says, لَعَنَ اللّٰهُ أُمًّا زَكَمَتْ بِهِ (assumed tropical:) [May God curse a mother that brought him forth]. (TA.) A2: زُكِمَ He (a man, S) was, or became, affected with زُكَام: (S, Msb, K:) [it is app. from زَكَمَهُ; but is thought to be] from

أَزْكَمَهُ, q. v.; [and therefore] anomalous. (Msb.) 2 زَكَّمَهُ is said by Golius to be syn. with

أَزْكَمَهُ. But the only mention of زكّم that I find is in art. زكن in the S, where it is said that زكّن عَلَيْهِ and زكّم signify شَبَّهَ عَلَيْهِ, and لَبَّسَ.]4 ازكمهُ He (God, S, Msb) caused him (a man, S) to be affected with زُكَام; (Az, As, S, Msb, K;) as also ↓ زَكَمَهُ. (K.) زَكْمَةٌ: see زُكَامٌ.

A2: Also (assumed tropical:) Progeny: so says IAar: or, accord. to Yaakoob, it is ↓ زُكْمَةٌ. (TA.) One says, هُوَ أَلْأَمُ زَكْمَةِ سَوْءٍ [or ↓ زُكْمَةِ, i. e. He is the basest, most ignoble, or meanest, of evil progeny; or] meaning that he is not a good son. (TA.) A3: Also The moaning, or hard breathing, (زَحْرَة,) with which the child comes forth; as also [زَحْمَةٌ and] زَجْمَةٌ. (K, * TA.) زُكْمَةٌ: see زُكَامٌ.

A2: Also (tropical:) The last of the children of his two parents. (S, K, TA.) Yousay, هُوَ زُكْمَةُ أَبَوَيْهِ He is the last of the children of his two parents. (S, TA.) b2: See also زَكْمَةٌ, in two places.

A3: Also (tropical:) Heavy, and coarse, rough, or rude. (K, TA.) زُكَامٌ (S, Msb, K) and ↓ زَكْمَةٌ, (K,) or ↓ زُكْمَةٌ, with damm, (Msb,) [A coryza, or catarrhus ad nares; a rheum, in the most usual sense of the term, meaning a defluxion from the head, chiefly from the nose; commonly called a cold in the head;] a defluxion of redundant humour from the two anterior venters of the brain to the nostrils: (K:) well known: (S, Msb:) from زَكْمٌ meaning the act of “ filling. ” (TA.) مَزْكُومٌ [pass. part. n. of زَكَمَ]. You say قِرْبَةٌ مَزْكُومَةٌ A filled water-skin. (TA.) b2: And, applied to a man, (Az, As, S,) Affected with زُكَام: (Az, As, S, Msb, K:) [regularly formed from زَكَمَهُ or زُكِمَ; but thought to be] from

أَزْكَمَهُ; (Az, As, S, Msb;) [and therefore] anomalous. (Msb.)
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