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1 رَصُنَ, (S, M, K,) inf. n. رَصَانَةٌ, (S, M,) It (a thing, M, or a building, TA) was, or became, firm, stable, strong, solid, compact, or sound. (S, M, * K. *) b2: Also, said of a man, i. q. رَزُنَ (assumed tropical:) [He was, or became, grave, staid, steady, sedate, or calm; and forbearing: still, or motionless: or firm, or sound, of judgment: wise, or sensible]. (M.) A2: رَصَنَهُ, (As, S, M, K,) aor. ـُ inf. n. رَصَنٌ, (As, S,) He made it complete, entire, or perfect; (As, S, M, K;) namely, a thing. (As, S.) b2: See also 4. b3: And see 2, in two places. b4: رَصَنَهُ بِلِسَانِهِ, (S, K,) inf. n. رَصْنٌ, (S,) He reviled him, or vilified him. (S, K.) 2 رصّن الشَّىْءَ مَعْرِفَةً, (K,) thus accord. to some copies of the S, (TA,) inf. n. تَرْصِينٌ; (K;) accord. to other copies of the S, ↓ رَصَنَ; (TA; [and accord. to the KL, the inf. n. of the verb in this sense, expl. by غالب شدن, is رَصْنٌ;]) (assumed tropical:) He overcame the thing by knowledge: (S, K:) so says Az: (S:) [accord. to the JM, ↓ رَصَنَهُ signifies He knew it: but] the reading in the K, with teshdeed, is confirmed by the saying of Z, in the A, that رَصِّنْ لِى هٰذَا الخَبَرَ means (tropical:) Verify thou for me, or to me, this information; syn. حَقِّقْهُ; a tropical phrase. (TA.) 4 ارصنهُ He made it, or rendered it, firm, stable, strong, solid, compact, or sound; (S, M, K;) as also ↓ رَصَنَهُ; namely, a thing. (TA.) You say, أُرْصِنَ البِنَآءُ The building was made, or rendered, firm, stable, &c. (TA.) And إِذَا عَمِلْتَ عَمَلًا فَأَرْصِنْهُ (tropical:) When thou doest a deed, do it soundly, thoroughly, skilfully, judiciously, or well. (TA.) رَصِينٌ Firm, stable, strong, solid, compact, or sound; (S, M, K;) applied to a thing: (M:) and ↓ مُرْصَنٌ and ↓ مَرْصُونٌ, made, or rendered, firm, stable, strong, &c. (TA.) You say دِرْعٌ رَصِينٌ A coat of mail firmly, strongly, or compactly, made. (TA.) And ↓ بِنَآءٌ مُرْصَنٌ A building made, or rendered, firm, stable, strong, &c. (TA.) and رَجُلٌ لَهُ رَأْىٌ رَصِينٌ (assumed tropical:) [A man having firm, or sound, judgment]. (TA.) b2: Also, applied to a man, i. q. رَزِينٌ (assumed tropical:) [Grave, staid, steady, sedate, or calm; and forbearing: still, or motionless: or firm, or sound, of judgment: wise, or sensible]. (M.) b3: فُلانٌ رَصِينٌ بِحَاجَتِكَ (assumed tropical:) Such a one is gracious, or knowing and gracious, with respect to thy want; or mindful, regardful, or considerate, thereof; syn. حَفِىٌّ بِهَا. (S, K. *) b4: رَصِينٌ also signifies Pained, or suffering pain: (S, K:) so in the saying of a poet, يَقُولُ إِنِّى رَصِينُ الجُوْفِ فَاسْقُونِى

[He says, or he saying, Verily I am suffering pain of the belly, or chest, therefore give ye me to drink]. (S.) A2: What are termed الرَّصِينَانِ, (S,) or رَصِينَا الفَرَسِ, (K,) are The [two] extremities of the قَصَب [or round and hollow bones, meaning here of the arms, (in one of my copies of the S, erroneously, of the عَصَب, or sinews,)] that are set in, or upon, the رَضْفَة [n. un. of رَضْفٌ, which is evidently the correct reading, meaning the bones that are between the arm and the shank], in the knee. (S, K.) مُرْصَنٌ: see the paragraph next preceding, in two places.

مِرْصَنٌ An iron instrument with which beasts (دَوَابّ) are cauterized. (K.) مَرْصُونُ: see رَصِينٌ. b2: سَاعِدٌ مَرْصُونٌ [A fore arm, or an upper arm, of a man, or a fore shank, or an arm, of a beast, (for ساعد has all these meanings,)] marked with a hot iron; syn. مَوْسُومٌ. (K.)
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