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1 زَجِلَ, (MA, K,) aor. ـَ (K,) inf. n. زَجَلٌ, (MA, K, KL, and Har p. 240,) He uttered his voice, or a cry; or made a sound, or cry: (MA, KL:) or he raised his voice, (K, Har,) to evince emotion. (Har.) b2: [It seems to be indicated in the K that it signifies also He played, or sported: and He, or it (i. e. a company of men), raised cries, shouts, noises, a clamour, or confused cries or shouts or noises: and He trilled, or quavered, and prolonged his voice; or prolonged it, and modulated it sweetly. See the next paragraph.]

زَجَلٌ inf. n. of زَجِلَ: (MA, K:) [and used as a simple subst:] i. q. صَوْتٌ [as an inf. n., meaning The uttering of the voice, or of a sound, or cry: or, as a simple subst., a voice, sound, or cry]: (S:) or a high, or loud, voice: such have the angels when celebrating the praises of God: (TA:) [and] a vehement sound. (Ham p. 627.) [Hence,] سَحَابٌ ذُو زَجَلٍ Clouds having a thundering: (TA:) [and] so ↓ سَحَابٌ زَجِلٌ. (S.) b2: A clamour; or a confusion, or mixture, of cries or shouts or noises, or of crying or shouting or noise. (K.) b3: [A low, or faint, sound: hence,] زَجَلُ الجِنِّ means عَزِيفُهَا [i. e. The low, or faint, sound of the jinn, or genii, that is heard by night in the deserts; and said to be a sound like drumming: or the sound of the winds in the atmosphere, imagined by the people of the desert to be the sound of the jinn]. (TA.) b4: A trilling, or quavering, and prolonging of the voice; or a prolonging of the voice, and modulating it sweetly. (K.) A poet likens it to the voice of one urging on camels by singing to them, and to the playing on a reedpipe. (Sb, TA.) b5: Also Play, or sport. (K.) b6: And A species of verse, well known; [a vulgar sort of unmeasured song or balled;] in this sense post-classical. (TA.) زَجِلٌ Raising his voice; as also ↓ زَاجِلٌ. (K.) b2: [Hence,] سَحَابٌ زَجِلٌ: see زَجَلٌ And غَيْثٌ زَجِلٌ Rain accompanied by the sound of thunder. (TA.) And نَبْتٌ زَجِلٌ A plant, or herbage, in which, or among which, the wind makes a sound. (K.) زَجْلَةٌ: see the next paragraph, in two places.

زُجْلَةٌ The sound, or voice, or noise, of men; as also ↓ زَجْلَةٌ. (K.) b2: And A company, a collection, or an assemblage: (K:) or a party, or company, of men, (S, K,) peculiarly: (TA:) as also ↓ زَجْلَةٌ: (K:) pl. of the former زُجَلٌ. (S.) زَاجِلٌ: see زَجِلٌ. b2: It is also applied to a song, or singing, [meaning Loud,] in the saying, وَهُوَ يُغَنِّيهَا غِنَآءً زَاجِلَا [And he sings to her, or to them (probably referring to camels), with a loud song or singing]. (TA.)
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