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1 شَحَذَ, (S, A, Msb, K,) aor. ـَ (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. شَحْذٌ, (S,) He sharpened (S, A, Msb, K) a knife, (S, A, L, K,) and a sword, and the like, (L,) or an iron implement, (Msb), with a whetstone or other similar thing; (TA;) as also ↓ اشحذ; (K;) and ↓ شحّذ, inf. n. تَشْحِيذٌ. (KL.) b2: [Hence,] شَحَذْتَ عَلَيْنَا لِسَانَكَ (tropical:) [Thou hast sharpened against us thy tongue]. (A and TA in art. رهف.) And اِشْحَذْ لَهُ غَرْبَ ذِهْنِكَ (tropical:) [Sharpen thou for it the edge of thine intellect]. (A.) And شَحَذَهُ بِعَيْنِهِ, (K,) or بِبَصَرِهِ, (A,) (tropical:) He looked sharply at him. (K, * TA.) And شَحَذَ الجُوعُ مَعِدَتَهُ (assumed tropical:) Hunger made his stomach keen, and strengthened it, (L,) and inflamed it. (L, K.) b3: Hence also, i. e. from شَحَذَ in the sense first expl. above, (Har p. 377,) فُلَانٌ يَشْحَذُ النَّاسَ, (inf. n. شَحْذٌ, K,) (tropical:) Such a one begs importunately of men: (A, K, * and Har ubi suprà:) and شَحَذْتُهُ I begged importunately of him. (Msb.) b4: and شَحَذَهُ (assumed tropical:) He drove him away; namely, a man; (K;) as also ↓ تشحّذهُ, (CK, and so accord. to the O,) or ↓ شحّذهُ, (K accord. to the TA,) inf. n. تَشْحِيذٌ. (TA.) [See also 5 below.] And شَحَذْتُهُ, (O, TA,) inf. n. as above, (K,) (assumed tropical:) I drove him vehemently. (O, K, * TA.) b5: شَحْذٌ also signifies (assumed tropical:) The being angry. (K.) You say, شَحَذَ عَلَيْهِ (assumed tropical:) He was angry with him. (TK.) b6: And i. q. قَشْرٌ [The act of paring, or peeling, &c.]. (O, K.) You say, شَحَذَهُ, i. e. قَشَرَهُ [He pared it, peeled it, &c.]. (TK.) 2 شَحَّذَ see above, in two places.3 شَاحَذَنِى, inf. n. شِحَاذٌ, He assisted me, by alternating with me, (رَاسَلَنِى,) and did like as I did, in sharpening a sword and the like. (Ham p. 533.) A2: شاحذت النَّاقَةُ The she-camel raised her tail, and then twisted it vehemently, when in labour, being near to bringing forth. (O, K.) 4 أَشْحَذَ see 1, first sentence.5 رَأَيْتُهُ يَتَشَحَّذُ (tropical:) [I saw him applying himself to importunate begging]. (A, TA. [In both this meaning is indicated by the context.]) A2: تَشَحَّذَنِى

فُلَانٌ (assumed tropical:) Such a one drove me away, and subjected me to trouble, or difficulty. (TA.) See also 1.

شَحَذَانٌ (assumed tropical:) [Having a keen appetite;] hungry. (S, M, L, K.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) A vehement driver. (K TA. [See also مِشْحَذٌ.]) b3: And (assumed tropical:) Light, or active, in his work (فِى سَعْيِهِ). (O, K.) شُحْذُوذٌ, applied to a man, i. q. نَزِقٌ (assumed tropical:) [Light, and unsteady, or lightwitted; &c.]. (TA.) شَحِيذٌ, applied to a knife [&c.], Sharpened; (Lth, A, TA;) as also ↓ مَشْحُوذٌ. (Lth, TA.) شَحَّاذٌ (tropical:) An importunate beggar: (A, K: *) one should not say شَحَّاثٌ: (K:) the latter is said by IB to be a vulgar corruption; but several authors assert it to be correct, because ذ is changed into ث without any error in speech, as is asserted by El-Khafájee and others; and accord. to the A, both these words signify as above: (TA in art. شحث, and partly repeated in the present art.:) [it is said, however, that] شَحَّاذٌ meaning a beggar does not occur in the language of the Arabs. (Har p. 377.) مِشْحَذٌ A whetstone; or thing with which, or upon which, one sharpens. (S, K.) b2: And [hence,] A rough, severe, or violent, driver: (O, K: [see also شَحَذَانٌ:] and applied also as an epithet to a driving. (O.) مَشْحَذَةٌ [A cause, or means, of sharpening: a word of the class of مَجْبَنَةٌ &c.]. One says, هٰذَا كَلَامٌ مَشْحَذَةٌ لِلْفَهْمِ (tropical:) [This is discourse that is a cause, or means, of sharpening of the understanding]. (A.) مِشْحَاذٌ An [elevation such as is termed] أَكَمَة, wide within, (O, K, TA,) not rough in the stones [thereof], but extending long upon the earth, not having in it trees nor soft ground: (O, TA:) or, accord. to ISh, (O, TA,) level ground, (O, K, TA,) in which are pebbles like those [that are strewn in the court] of the mosque, and in which is no mountain: but he says that ADk disapproves the word: (O, TA:) accord. to Fr, (O,) the head of a mountain, (O, K, TA,) when sharp, or pointed: pl. مَشَاحِذُ. (O.) مَشْحُوذٌ: see شَحِيذٌ. b2: فُلَانٌ مَشْحُوذٌ عَلَيْهِ (tropical:) Such a one is an object of anger. (O, TA.)
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