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أ1 وَدَأَهُ, aor. ـَ He made it even or plain. (K.) A2: See 5.

A3: ودأ (aor. ـَ T) Veretrum exseruit equus: (T, K:) but AHeyth says that this is an error, and that the correct word is without ء: [i. e., وَدَى, q.v.]. (TA.) A4: دَأْنِى

[imp.], i. q. دَعْنِى, Let me &c. (K.) Said by some to be of weak authority. (TA.) 2 ودّأ عليه الأَرْضَ, inf. n. تَوْدِىْءٌ, He made the earth even, or plain, over him. (Az, S, K.) b2: وَدَّأَتْهُ الأَرْضُ The earth, or the land, hid, or concealed, him. (TA.) [See also 5.] b3: ودّأ, He, or it, buried. (IAar.) b4: ودّأ بِهِمْ, inf. n. تَوْدِئَةٌ; (S, L;) accord. to the K, وَدَأَ; but this is incorrect; (TA;) He covered, or overwhelmed, them with evil, or with ill treatment. (L, K.) 5 تودّاتُ عَلَيْهِ الأَرْضُ The earth became even, or plain, over him, (K,) as over a dead body in the grave: (TA:) or enclosed him: or was overturned over him: or was broken in pieces over him. (K.) b2: The earth, or the land, hid, or concealed, him. (TA.) [See also 2.] This phrase is used when a person has gone away to the more distant parts of the earth, or land, so that it is not known what he has done: also, when a man has died; even if among his family. (ISh.) b3: تودّأت عَنْهُ الأَخْبَارُ News, or tidings, of him were cut off, or ceased to come; like

↓ وَدِئَتْ, and were hid. (K.) [In the K we read, عنه الاخبارُ انقطعت [تودّأت] عليه و [تودّأت] و الخ: whence it seems that تودّأت عليه الاخبار also has the above signification. But in the TA, after عليه, in the passage above quoted from the K, is inserted الارض. This word, however, has, I think, been inserted through inadvertence: if not, تودّأت عليه الارضُ signifies The land was interrupted to him, and hid: as also ↓ وَدِئَت.] b4: تودّأ عَلَى مَالِهِ He took his property or wealth, and kept it carefully. (K.) A2: تودّأ عَلَيْهِ He, or it, destroyed him. (S, K.) وَدَأٌ Perdition; destruction. (K.) مُوَدَّأٌ [Earth made even, or plain, over a person: or earth hiding, or concealing, him;] like مُحْصَنٌ for مُحْصِنٌ, &c. (TA.) b2: A grave. (See below.) b3: Zuheyr Ibn-Mes-ood Ed-Dabbee says, in an elegy on his brother Ubeí, أَ أُبَىُّ إِنْ تُصْبِحْ رَهِينَ مُوَدَّأٍ

زَلْجِ الجَوَانِبِ قَعْرُهُ مَلْحُودُ [O Ubeí ! if thou become a deposit in a place over which the earth is made even, or plain, (or in a place that hideth thee, or in a grave,) with smooth, or slippery, sides, and having its bottom hollowed out laterally, b4: ] (S, TA. See Ham, p. 466.) b5: مُوَدَّأَةٌ A place of destruction, or perdition; or a desert in which is no water. (AA, S, K.) b6: Also, accord. to IAar, or without ة, as in an example which he quotes, A grave. (TA.)
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