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1 وَجَحَ, aor. ـْ inf. n. وَجْحٌ, He had recourse, or betook himself, to a thing or place, for protection or concealment. (L.) [As also وَحِجَ.] See 4.2 وَجَّحَ see 4.4 اوجحه إِلَيْهِ He compelled or constrained or necessitated him to have recourse to, or to betake himself to, him or it for protection or concealment or the like. (K.) b2: اوجح البَيْتَ He curtained the house, or chamber, or tent; (K, TA;) hung a curtain upon it. (TA.) b3: اوجح He held fast, and defended, a thing. (L.) A2: اوجح, (L, K,) and ↓ وجّح, (K, TA,) or ↓ وَجَحَ, (as in the L and CK,) It (a thing) appeared; became apparent. (L, K.) b2: اوجح لَنَا الطَّرِيقُ The road became apparent or conspicuous to us. (S.) b3: اوجحتِ النَّارُ The fire became apparent or conspicuous. (S.) A3: اوجح He reached, in digging, smooth rock, (S, K,) which is called وَجَاح. (K.) A4: اوجحهُ البَوْلُ The urine oppressed him by his wanting to void it. (S, L, K.) وَجَحٌ A place to which one has recourse for protection or concealment; a place of refuge; an asylum: (L:) [as also وَحَجٌ:] a place resembling a غار [or cave in a mountain]. (L, K.) وَجَاحٌ and وُجَاحٌ and وِجَاحٌ, (S, L, K,) of which three forms IAar prefers the first, (L,) and sometimes the و is changed into ا, and one says أَجَاحٌ and أُجَاحٌ and إِجَاحٌ, (S,) and in one dial. وجاحِ, indecl., with kesreh for its termination, (L,) and جاحٌ, (K, in art. جوح,) A thing by which a person or thing is veiled, concealed, or hidden; a veil; a covering; a curtain. (S, L, K.) b2: جَآءَ فُلَانٌ وَمَا عَلَيْهِ وجاحٌ Such a one came having upon him nothing to veil, or conceal, him. (L.) b3: لَيْسَ دُونَهُ وجاحٌ There is nothing that veils, or conceals, before, or in the way to, him, or it. (L.) b4: لَيْسَ بَيْنِى

وَبَيْنَهُ وجَاحٌ There is nothing that veils, or conceals, between me and him, or it. (L.) b5: وَحَاحٌ Water in a tank or cistern sufficient to cover its bottom. (S.) b6: وَجَاحٌ The remains of a thing, such as property, &c. (Az.) b7: لَقِيتُهُ أَدْنَى وَجَاحٍ

I met him, he being the first object that I saw. (S, K.) A2: Smooth rock. (K.) وُجَاحٌ: see وَجَاحٌ.

وِجَاحٌ: see وَجَاحٌ.

أَحَاحٌ: see وَجَاحٌ.

أُجَاحٌ: see وَجَاحٌ.

إِجَاحٌ: see وَجَاحٌ.

وجاحِ: see وَجَاحٌ.

جَاحٌ: see وَجَاحٌ.

وَجِيحٌ: see مُوجَحٌ.

مُوجَحٌ A garment closely woven, (S, K,) and firm: (S:) or of close texture, and thick: or strong: or narrow and firm: (TA:) as also ↓ وَجِيحٌ: (S, K, TA:) from أَوْجَحَهُ البَوْلُ. (S.) b2: مُوجَحٌ A smooth skin. (K.) A2: مُوجَحٌ Constrained, compelled, or necessitated, to have recourse to, or to betake himself to, a thing or place, for protection or concealment or the like; syn. مُلْجَأٌ. (L, K, TA [in the CK مَلْجَأٌ, which is the signification of وَجَحٌ]) Az says, that the word which he retains in his memory is مُلْحَجٌ, with the ح before the ج; and that the two words may be two dial. forms.

A3: مُوجَحٌ, or ↓ مُوجِحٌ, accord. to two different relations of a trad. in which it occurs, Oppressed by the want to void his urine. (L.) مُوجِحٌ One who veils, or conceals, or hides, a thing. (L.) A2: See مُوجَحٌ.

بَابٌ مَوْجُوحٌ A closed door: (S, K:) or a door before which is a curtain. (TA.) طَرِيقٌ مُوَجَّحٌ A conspicuous, open, wide road. (L.)
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