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أ1 وَجَأَ, (S, Msb, K,) aor. ـْ and sometimes يَجَأُ, (Msb,) inf. n. وَجْءٌ; (TA;) and ↓ توجّأ; (K;) He beat, or struck, or smote, a person with his hand, (S *, K,) or with a knife, (S, Msb, K,) or the like, on any part. (Msb.) b2: وَجَأَ عُنُقَهُ, inf. n. وَجْءٌ, He beheaded him: syn. ضَرَبَ عُنُقَهُ. (S.) b3: وَجَأَ (tropical:) Inivit feminam. (K.) b4: وَجَأَ التَّيْسَ, inf. n. وَجْءٌ and وِجَآءٌ, (or the latter is a simple subst., TA,) He beat the veins of the testicles of the goat between two stones, without extracting the testicles themselves: or he bruised or beat the goat's testicles until they broke, (K,) and he became like one gelded. (TA.) You say also وَجَأَ الكَبْشَ. (S.) [See وجَآءٌ.]

وُجِئَ He (a goat) had the operation termed وَجْءٌ performed upon him. (K.) b5: He was struck with a knife. (S.) b6: وَجَأَ (tropical:) He bruised, or pounded, dates until they cohered. Hence وَجِيْئَةٌ, q. v. (TA.) 2 وَجَّاَ see 1. b2: وجّأ الرَّكِيَّةَ, inf. n. تَوْجِىْءٌ, He found the well to be what is termed وَجْأَةٌ, [fem. of وَجْءٌ, q. v.: app. signifying without water]. (K.) 4 اوجأ عَنْهُ He repelled from him; removed, or put away, from him. (K *, TA.) b2: اوجأ He came in search of a thing that he wanted, or in pursuit of game, and did not attain it. (K.) b3: It (a well) failed; i. e., its water ceased: or it contained no water. (TA.) [See also أَوْجَى.]8 إِتَّجَأَ التَّمْرُ (tropical:) The dates became closely packed, or pressed together: (K:) they were bruised, or pounded, until they cohered. (TA.) مَآءٌ وجءٌ, and ↓ وَجَأٌ, and ↓ وَجَآءٌ, A water where there is no good: (K:) [app., a source of water where there is no herbage, or pasture; or, more probably, a source without water; or a water that has failed: see 2 and 4.]

وَجَأٌ and وَجَآءٌ: see مَآءٌ وَجْءٌ.

وِجَآءٌ, a subst., A striking with a knife or the like, on any part. (Msb.) [See also 1.] b2: وِجَآءٌ The bruising of the veins of the testicles until they break, so that it is like gelding. (S.) [See also 1.]

وَجِىْءٌ and ↓ مَوْجُوْءٌ A goat on which has been performed the operation called وَجْءٌ. (K.) [See 1.]

b2: The latter is said to be used in a trad. as signifying Gelded. b3: Also the latter, Struck with a knife. (S.) وَجِيْئَةٌ (assumed tropical:) Dates, (K,) or locusts, (ISk, S, K,) bruised, or pounded, and then stirred up with clarified butter (سَمْن), or with oil, and so eaten: (S, K:) or dates moistened with milk or with clarified butter, and then bruised, or pounded, until they are consolidated: (TA:) or dates bruised, or pounded, until the stones come forth, and then moistened with milk or with clarified butter so that they become macerated and cohering, in which state they are eaten. (ISk, S.) b2: Also, A cow. (IAar., K.) مَوْجُوْءٌ: see وَجِىْءٌ.
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