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1 وَبَصَ, (S, M, A, Msb, K,) aor. ـِ (S, K,) inf. n. وَبِيصٌ (S, M, A, Msb, K) and وَبْصٌ (M, K) and بِصَةٌ, (M, TA,) said of lightning, (S, A, K,) and of other things, (S, M,) It shone, gleamed, or glistened. (S, M, A, Msb, K.) Yousay, [also,] وَبَصَتِ النَّارُ, inf. n. وَبِيصٌ, The light shone, or shone brightly; accord. to AHn; and نَارِى ↓ أَوْبَصَتْ, signifies my light shone, or shone brightly: (M:) or the latter signifies my light showed its flame: (K:) or my light began to show its flame: (ISk, S:) or النَّارُ ↓ اوبصت signifies the fire appeared on being struck. (TA.) And وَبِيصُ الطِّيبِ signifies The shining of perfume. (Mgh, TA.) 4 أَوْبَصَ see 1. b2: [Hence,] اوبصت الأَرْضُ (assumed tropical:) The land began to show its plants, or herbage. (ISk, S.) A2: أَوْبَصْتُ نَارِى I made my fire to burn, or blaze, intensely. (A.) وَبَصَةٌ: see وَابِصٌ.

وَبْصَانُ (Fr, M, K) and وُبْصَان, (IDrd, K,) [or وَبُصَانٌ and وَبِصَانٌ, (see art. بصن,)] in some copies of the JM., بُصَّانٌ, [which see in art. بص,] (TA,) The month of رَبِيعٌ الآخِرُ: (M, K:) i. e. the name of that month in the Time of Ignorance: pl. وَبْصَانَاتٌ. (TA.) وَبِيصَةٌ: see وَابِصٌ.

.وَبَّاصٌ: see what follows, in four places.

وَابِصٌ Shining, gleaming, or glistening: (Msb:) and ↓ وَبَّاصٌ, (as in some copies of the K,) or both, (M,) shining, gleaming, or glistening, much: (M, and some copies of the K:) or the latter, shining, gleaming, or glistening much in colour; (so in other copies of the K;) in which last sense, both are added to the epithet أَبْيَضُ: (TA:) and ↓ وَبَّاصٌ, applied to a cloud, signifies also intensely shining, or gleaming, with lightning. (M.) You say ↓ قَمَرِ وَبَّاصٌ [A moon shining brightly]. (A.) And ↓ الوَبَّاصُ signifies The moon. (IAar, K.) b2: وَابِصَةٌ signifies i. q. بَرْقَةٌ [app. A flash of lightning]: (M:) and fire; as also ↓ وَبِيصَة: (IAar, K:) and a live coal; as also ↓ وَبَصَةٌ. (M.) b3: رَحُلٌ وَابِصَةُ السَّمْعِ, (M,) or وَابِصَةُ سَمْعٍ, (S, A, K,) means A man who relies upon what is said to him: such a man is called أُذُنٌ: and the epithet is made fem. because أُذُنٌ is meant: or the ة may be added to render it intensive: (M:) or the meaning is, who trusts in all that he hears: (S, K:) or who hears speech and trusts in it: (A:) or who hears what is said and relies upon it, and thinks it true, but is not yet sure. (TA.) You say also, وَابَصَةُ سَمْعٍ بِفُلَانٍ [One who relies upon what he hears of, or from, such a one]: and وَابِصَةُ سَمْعٍ بِهٰذَا الأَمْرَ [One who relies upon what he hears of this affair]. (TA.)
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