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1 همج, [app. هَمِجَ, aor. ـَ inf. n. هَمَجٌ, He hungered; was hungry. (L.) b2: هَمَجَتِ الإِبِلُ مِنَ المَآءِ, (S, K,) aor. ـُ inf. n. هَمْجٌ, (S,) The camels drank of the water at one draught, (S, K,) until they satisfied their thirst. (S.) 4 اهمج, (inf. n. إِهْمَاجٌ, TA,) He (a horse, S, K, or other animal that runs, Lh,) strove or exerted himself, in his running, (S, K,) and then ran impetuously, so as to raise the dust. (TA.) هَمَجٌ Hunger: or (in the K, and) bad management of the means of subsistence. (S, K.) ↓ هَمَجٌ هَامِجٌ [Severe hunger: or very bad management of the means of subsistence:] (S, K:) the latter word is added to give intensiveness to the signification; (TA;) or to corroborate; (S, K;) as in the case of لَيْلٌ لَائِلٌ. (S.) b2: هَمَجٌ Small flies, like gnats, that fall upon the faces of sheep or goats, and asses, (S, K,) and into their eyes: (S:) or gnats; so called from هَمَجٌ signifying “ hunger; ” because when they are hungry they live, but when they become satiated they die: or صِغَار الدَّوَابِّ: (L:) [but this is evidently a mistake for صِغَارُ الذُّبَابِ the young ones, or little ones, of flies:]) or any grubs that burst forth from flies or from gnats: (Lth, A:) pl. of هَمَجَةٌ, (S,) [or rather this is the n. un. of هَمَجٌ, which is a coll. gen. n.]. b3: هَمَجٌ Lean sheep or goats: (K:) [a coll. gen. n.,] n. un. with ة. (S, K.) b4: هَمَجٌ (tropical:) Stupid, or foolish, men; or men of little sense: (K:) or stupid, or foolish, young men of the meaner sort: (S:) or simply young men of the meaner sort: or mixed and low set of men: or disorderly vagabonds: (TA:) you say also رَجُلٌ هَمَجٌ and هَمَجَةٌ a stupid, or foolish, man; and رِجَالٌ هَمَجٌ, and أَهْمَاجٌ: (TA:) or هَمَجَةٌ signifies a stupid, or foolish, man, who has not firm command of himself. (Aboo-Sa'eed.) b5: هَمَجٌ Old and weak ewes: (K:) [a coll. gen. n.,] n. un. with ة: which also signifies simply a ewe. (TA.) b6: قَوْمٌ هَمَجٌ A people in whom is no good. (TA.) b7: ↓ هَمَجٌ هَامِجٌ Young men of the meaner sort; like هَمَجٌ alone: and a mixed set of men who have no intelligence nor manliness. (TA.) هَمِيجٌ A doe-antelope scared, or frightened, by [the small flies called] هَمَجٌ: (S:) a young doe-antelope, (K,) of beautiful body: (L:) one lank in the belly: or one that has two streaks of a colour different from that of the rest of the body in [the two parts called] the طُرَّتَانِ: (K:) or one that has two such streaks on her back; which is only the case in such as are white; and also applied to the male: (TA:) or one that has been attacked by a pain in consequence of which her face has become flabby. (K.) هَامِجٌ: see هَمَجٌ. b2: (tropical:) [A people] left to mix tumultuously, one part with another. (K.) [The explanation seems to be borrowed from the Kur, xviii. 99.]
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