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1 نَصَحَ لَهُ, and نَصَحَهُ, (S, K, &c.,) but the former is the original mode of expression, (Lb,) and is the more chaste, (S, Msb,) and the latter was scarcely ever used by the Arabs, (Fr,) aor. نَصَحَ, inf. n. نُصْحٌ and نَصَاحَةٌ (S, K,) and نَصِيحَةٌ, (A, L, Msb,) or this last is a simple subst., (S, K,) and نِصَاحَةٌ and نَصْحٌ (L) and نُصُوحٌ (TA) and نَصَاحِيَةٌ; (K;) and ↓ ناصحهُ, inf. n. مُنَاصَحَةٌ; (MF;) He advised him, or counselled him, [in an absolute sense,] sincerely, honestly, or faithfully: and he so acted towards him: (Msb:) he directed him to that which was for his good, by words, or speech, which is the proper signification; or otherwise, which is a tropical signification: (Lb:) or he gave him good advice, or counsel; directed him to what was good: or he advised him, or counselled him, sedulously, or earnestly: or he acted sincerely, or honestly, to him, (MF,) or he was benevolent towards him; desired what was good for him. (Nh, MF.) b2: نَصَحَتْ لَهُ نَصِيحَتِى, inf. n. نُصُوحٌ, My advice, or counsel, or conduct, was sincere, honest, or faithful, to him. (L.) b3: نَصَحَتْ تَوْبَتُهُ, inf. n. نُصُوحٌ (tropical:) His repentance was, or became, true, or sincere, [&c.: see نَصُوحٌ]. (A.) b4: جِئْنَاكَ لِلنَّصَاحَةِ لَمْ نَأْتِ لِلرَّقَاحَةِ [We have come unto Thee for the purpose of sincere worship: we have not come for gain, or traffic: see art. رقح]. (S, art. رقح.) b5: نَصَحَ It (anything, S) was, or became, pure, unadulterated, or genuine. (S, K.) A2: نَصَحَ, (S, K,) aor. نَصَحَ, inf. n. نَصْحٌ; (S;) and ↓ تنصّح; (K;) (tropical:) He sewed a garment, (S, K,) or a shirt: (TA:) or he sewed it well. (A.) A3: نَصَحَ الرِّىَّ, (inf. n. نَصْحٌ, TA,) (tropical:) He (a man, TA,) drank until he was satisfied. (K.) b2: نَصَحَتِ الإِبِلُ الشُّرْبَ, aor. نَصَحَ, inf. n. نُصُوحٌ, (tropical:) The camels drank in good earnest. (IAar, S.) b3: نَصَحَ الغَيْثُ البَلَدَ, (inf. n. نَصْحٌ, TA,) (tropical:) The rain watered the district so that its herbage became close, without any bare part: (En-Nadr, K:) or, watered it abundantly. (TA.) A4: نَصَحَ, aor. نَصَحَ, inf. n. نَصْحٌ, He clarified honey. (MF.) But this is rejected by the author of the K in [the work entitled] the Basáïr. (TA.) 3 ناصحهُ, inf. n. مُنَاصَحَةٌ, [He advised him, or counselled him, with sincerity or faithfulness, &c., reciprocally: see also 1]. (A.) 4 انصح He watered camels so as to satisfy them with drink. (IAar, S, K.) 5 تنصّح He was prodigal of نُصْح [i. e., sincere or faithful advice or counsel, &c.] Hence the saying of Aktham Ibn-Seyfee, إِيَّاكُمْ وَكَثْرَةَ التَّنَصُّحِ فَإِنَّهُ يُورِثُ التُّهَمَةِ [Beware ye of being prodigal of sincere or faithful advice or counsel, for it occasions doubt, or suspicion, or evil opinion]. (L.) b2: تنصّح He affected to be like, or imitated, نُصَحَآء [i. e., those who advise, or counsel, sincerely, honestly, or faithfully, &c.: see نَاصِحٌ]. (S, K.) b3: See 1.6 تناصحوا [They advised or counselled one another sincerely or faithfully, &c.: see 1]. (A, art. فضح.) 8 انتصح He accepted نَصِيحَة, (S, K, *) or نُصْح, (TA,) [i. e., sincere, honest, or faithful, advice or counsel, &c.]. As an ex. of this signification the following is cited يَقُولُ انْتَصِحْنِى إِنَّنِى لَكَ نَاصِحٌ [He says, Accept my sincere advice, for I am to thee a sincere adviser]: (TA:) and إِنْتَصِحٌ كِتَابَ اللّٰهِ Accept the sincere or faithful advice or counsel of the Book of God. (A.) But IB says, that the verb in this sense is intrans.; and that, when trans., it signifies He took a person as a نَصِيح [a sincere or faithful adviser or counsellor, &c.]; whence the saying لَا أُرِيدُ مِنْكَ نُصْحًا وَلَا انْتِصَاحا, i. e. لَا أُرِيدُ مِنْكَ أَنْ تَنْصَحَنِى

وَلَا أَنْ تَتَّخذَنِى نَصِيحًا [I do not desire of thee sincere or faithful advice, nor thy taking me as a sincere or faithful adviser]. (L.) b2: See 10 10 استنصحهُ, (S, L,) and ↓ انتصحهُ, (L,) He reckoned him, or deemed him, نصِيحَ, (S, L,) i. e., a sincere, faithful, or honest, adviser, or counsellor, or actor. (L.) نِصَاحٌ (tropical:) Thread (S, K) with which one sews: (S:) pl, نُصُحٌ (K, TA; in the CK نُصْحٌ;) and نِصَاحَةٌ: (K:) the kesreh and ا in the latter are not those which are in the sing., and the ة is added as a fem. sign of the pl. (TA.) [See also خَيْطٌ.]

نِصَاحَاتٌ Skins. (S, K.) As cites as an ex this verse of El-Aasha, فَتَرَى القَوْمَ نَشَاوَى كُلَّهُمْ مِثْلَمَا مُدَّتْ نِصَاحَاتُ الرُّبَحْ (S, &c.) ربح here signifies, accord. to some, a young camel such as is called رُبَعٌ: (Az;) or a lamb, or kid: (ISd:) or the bird called in Persian زاغ. (TA.) [But see what follows.] b2: Also, (accord. to El-Muärrij, TA.) Snares, (as in some copies of the K, and in the TA) or cords, (as in other copies of the K) having loops (حَلَق) made to them, which are set, and with which apes (قُروُد) are caught; (K;) one of these animals being attached to one of the cords to attract others. (TA.) Agreeably with this signification some explain the verse of El-Aasha cited above; رُبَحٌ, originally رُبَاحٌ, signifying apes. (TA.) تَوْبَةٌ نَصُوحٌ (tropical:) True, or sincere, repentance: (S, K:) from نَصَحَتِ الإِبِلُ الشُّرْبَ: (IAar, S:) or [repentance that mends one's life;] form نَصَحَ الثَّوْبَ, agreeably with the saying of Mohammad, “ He who traduces the absent rends, and he who begs forgiveness of God mends: ” [see رَفَأَ:] (S:) or such repentance that one returns not after it to that of which he repents: (K:) sincere repentance, after which one returns not to sin: so explained by Mohammad himself: (TA:) or very sincere, or very honest repentance: (Zj:) فَعُولٌ being a measure of an intensive epithet, applicable alike to the masc. and fem.: (TA:) or repentance in which one does not purpose to return (K) to the sin of which he repents. (TA.) The people of El-Medeeneh read [in the Kur, lxvi., 8,] نَصُوحًا: but some read نُصُوحًا, which is an inf. n. (Fr.) نَصِيحٌ: see نَاصِحٌ.

نَصِيحَةٌ, and inf. n., (L, Msb,) or a simple subst., (S, K,) Sincere, honest, or faithful, advice, or counsel, and conduct: (Msb:) direction to that which is for the good of the person who is the object, by words, or speech, which is the proper signification; or otherwise, which is a tropical signification: (Lb:) or good advice or counsel; direction to what is good: or sedulousness, or earnestness, in advice or counsel: or sincere or honest conduct: (MF:) or benevolence; desire for what is good for the person who is the object: (Nh, MF:) [pl. نَصَائِحُ]

نَصَّاحٌ: see نَاصِحٌ.

نَاصِحٌ (act. part. n. of نَصَِحَ) and ↓ نَصِيحٌ are syn., (S, K,) signifying One who advises, or counsels, sincerely, honestly, or faithfully: and who so acts; (Msb:) [who directs another to that which is for the good of the latter, by words, or speech; or otherwise: or who gives good advice, or counsel: or who advises, or counsels, sedulously, or earnestly: or who acts sincerely, or honestly: or benevolent; who desires what is good for another: see نَصَح لُهَ;] pl. of the former نُصَّحٌ and نُصَّاحٌ; (K;) and of the latter, نُصَحَآءُ. (S.) b2: رَجُلٌ نَاصِحُ الجَيْبِ (tropical:) A man pare, or sincere, of heart; (S;) in whom is no deceit, dishonesty, insincerity, or dissimulation: (K:) said to be an expression similar to طَاهِرُ الثَّوْبِ [q. v.]. (TA.) [See also art. جيب.]

A2: نَاصِحٌ (S, K) and ↓ نَصَّاحٌ and نَاصِحِىٌّ (K) (tropical:) A sewer; a worker with the needle; a tailor. (S, K.) A3: نَاصِحٌ (tropical:) Pure, or clear, honey, (As, S, K,) &c., like نَاصِعٌ (As, S). سَقَانِى نَاصِحَ العَسَلِ (tropical:) He gave me to drink white honey; or fine, or thin, white honey. (A.) A4: غُيُوتٌ نَوَاصِحُ (tropical:) Rains succeeding one another. (A.) مِنْصَحٌ and مِنْصَحَةٌ (tropical:) A needle, with which one sews. (L, K.) If thick, it is called شَغِيزَةٌ. (L.) مُنْصَاحٌ: see مَنْصُوحٌ.

قَمِيصٌ مَنْصُوحٌ, (A, L,) and ↓ مُنْصَاحٌ, (A,) (tropical:) A shirt that is rent (A) and sewed. (L.) [See also مُتَنَصَّحٌ.]

A2: أَرْضٌ مَنْصُوحَةٌ (tropical:) A land plentifully watered by rain, (K.) having its herbage closely conjoined, (ISd, K,) as though the spaces which were between the several portions of the herbage were closed up by sewing. (ISd.) مُتَنَصَّحٌ (tropical:) Well sewed. (AA, K.) [See also مَنْصُوحٌ.] b2: Also (tropical:) A place, in a garment, repaired and sewed: (TA:) a patched place, or place of patching: (K:) a place for sewing; similar to مُتَرَقَّعٌ, q. v. (TA in art. رقع.)
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