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1 شَمِطَ, aor. ـَ inf. n. شَمَطٌ, He (a man, S, TA) was, or became, grizzled in the hair of his head; he had whiteness in the hair of his head, mixed with its blackness: (S, Mgh, * K:) as also ↓ أَشْمَطَ, (K, but wanting in one copy,) and ↓ اِشْمَطَّ, and ↓ اِشْمَاطَّ, and ↓ اِشْمَأَطَّ: (K:) [or he had hair of two different colours, black and white: or he had whiteness of the hair, or hoariness, mixed with the blackness of youth: or he had whiteness, or hoariness, in his beard: but شَمِطَتْ, said of a woman, she had whiteness, or hoariness, in the head: see شَمَطٌ, below.]

A2: شَمَطَ, aor. ـِ (S, K,) inf. n. شَمْطٌ, (S,) He mixed a thing; (S, K;) he mixed together any two things: (S, Mgh:) and ↓ أَشْمَطَ signifies the same. (Az, K.) You say, شَيَطَ بَيْنَ المَآءِ وَاللَّبَنِ He mixed together the water and the milk. (TA.) And عَمَلَكَ بِصَدَقَةٍ ↓ أَشْمِطْ (assumed tropical:) Mix thou thy work with alms. (Az.) And Aboo-'Amr Ibn-El-'Alà

used to say to his companions, اشْمِطُوا, [i. e. either اِشْمِطُوا or ↓ أَشْمِطُوا,] meaning (assumed tropical:) Betake yourselves at one time to reading, or reciting, somewhat of the Kur-án, and another time to some tradition, and another time to something strange [that is to be elucidated], and another time to poetry, and another time to lexicology; i. e., mix ye these [subjects of study]: (TA:) or, accord. to one relation, ↓ شَمِّطُوا. (Har p. 177; where it is expl. in a similar manner).2 شَمَّطَ see above, last sentence.4 أَشْمَطَ see 1, in four places.9 إِشْمَطَّ see 1, first sentence.11 إِشْمَاْطَّ see 1, first sentence. Q. Q. 4 see 1, first sentence.

شَمَطٌ Whiteness of the hair of the head mixed with its blackness: (S, Mgh, K:) or difference in the hair by being of two colours, black and white: (M, TA:) or mixture of whiteness of the hair, or hoariness, with the blackness of youth: (Mgh:) or in a man, whiteness, or hoariness, of the beard: (Lth, Mgh, TA:) but in a woman, whiteness, or hoariness, of the head. (Lth, TA.) [See 1.] b2: Also شَمَطَاتٌ, which is its pl., White hairs that are in the head. (TA.) شَمِيطٌ Mixed; as also ↓ مَشْمُوطٌ: (K:) mixed together; (S, TA;) applied to any two things; (S;) or any two colours. (TA.) b2: ذَنَبٌ شَمِيطٌ; in the K, ذِئْبٌ, which is a mistake; (TA;) A tail (TA) in which are blackness and whiteness. (K, TA.) And فَرَسٌ شَمِيطُ الذَّنَبِ A horse in whose tail are two colours. (TA.) And طَائِرٌ شَمِيطُ الذُّنَابَى A bird having a whiteness (Lth, K) and blackness (Lth) in the tail. (Lth, K.) b3: نَبْتٌ شَمِيطٌ A plant of which part is dried up, or dried up and yellow, (Lth, S, K,) and part green. (Lth, K.) b4: الشَّمِيطُ, [in a copy of the Mgh, ↓ شُمَيْطٌ, which is probably a mistranscription,] (tropical:) The dawn: (S, K:) because of the mixture of its whiteness with the remains of the darkness of night: (S, Mgh:) or because its colour is a mixture of darkness and whiteness. (TA.) b5: لَبَنٌ شَمِيطٌ (tropical:) Milk which is such that one knows not whether it be sour or what has been collected in a skin, and had fresh milk poured upon it, by reason of its pleasantness. (K, TA.) b6: وَلَدٌ شَمِيطٌ (tropical:) Children of whom half are males and half are females. (L, K.) شُمَيْطٌ: see شَمِيطٌ.

A2: See also صُرَدٌ.

أَشْمَطُ A man (S) having the hair of his head grizzled; having whiteness in the hair of his head, mixed with its blackness: (S, K:) [or whose hair is of two different colours, black and white: or having whiteness of the hair, or hoariness, mixed with the blackness of youth: or having whiteness, or hoariness, in his beard: see شَمَطٌ, above:] or whose hair of his head is white in one place, the rest being black: (Mgh:) fem. شَمْطَآءُ: (Lth, S, Mgh:) one should not apply to a woman the epithet شَيْبَآءُ: (Lth, Mgh:) pl. شُمْطَانٌ (S, K) and شُمْطٌ. (K.) b2: نَاقَةٌ شَمْطَآءُ A she-camel having white lips. (TA.) b3: لَحُمٌ أَشْمَطُ [Flesh-meat marbled with fat]. (Az, TA in art. كرش.) مَشْمُوطٌ: see شَمِيطٌ.
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