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2 شقّصهُ, (L, TA,) inf. n. تَشْقِيصٌ, (L, Mgh, K,) He divided it into parts, or portions: (Mgh:) or he cut it up, and separated its members (A, L, K *) into just portions among the sharers; (L, K; *) namely, a slaughtered animal, (K,) or particularly a slaughtered sheep or goat, and a pig: (L, A, TA:) or he divided it (namely, a pig,) into parts or portions, and members, for eating and selling. (Mgh.) Hence the trad. مَنْ بَاعَ الخَمْرَ فَلْيُشَقِصِ الخَنَازِيرَ (L, A) He who sells wine, let him cut up swine and divide their members, as is done to a sheep or goat when its flesh is sold: meaning, he who holds the selling of wine to be lawful, let him hold the selling of swine to be so; for they are equally forbidden. (L, TA.) شِقْصٌ A piece, or part, of a thing; (S, M, Mgh, Msb;) as also ↓ شَقِيصٌ: (M, Mgh:) or a little, of much; (M, TA;) as also ↓ the latter: (IDrd, M, K:) and ↓ the latter, a little, or paltry, thing: (TA:) and the former, a piece of land: (S:) or a share; syn. سَهْمٌ, (A, K,) or حَظٌّ, (M,) and نَصِيبٌ, (A, Mgh, K,) and شِرْكٌ, (A, K,) which signifies the same as نَصِيبٌ; (Sh, on the authority of Khálid;) as also ↓ شَقِيصٌ; (Sh, M, Mgh, K;) like نِصْفٌ and نَصِيفٌ: (M:) as, for instance, in property; (IDrd;) and of a slave: (TA:) or a certain share not divided: (EshSháfi'ee, TA:) or if divided it may also be thus called: (Az, TA:) pl. [of pauc.] أَشْقَاصٌ (M, Msb) and [of mult.] شِقَاصٌ. (M, TA.) شَقِيصٌ: see شِقْصٌ, throughout.

A2: Also A sharer, or partner. (S, A, K.) You say, هُوَ شَقِيصى He is my sharer, or partner, (S, A,) in a piece of land. (S.) A3: And A fleet, or swift, and excellent horse: (K:) but an epithet not known to Lth. (TA.) مِشْقَصٌ A broad نَصْل [or iron head] (IDrd, Msb, K) of an arrow: (IDrd:) or an arrow having such a نصل, (Lth, IF, K,) with which wild animals are shot; (Lth;) but Az says that this explanation is at variance with what has been heard from the Arabs: (TA:) or it signifies, (M,) or signifies also, (K,) a long نصل; (M, K;) not a broad one: (M:) or an arrow having such a نصل; (M;) with which wild animals are shot: (K:) or a long and broad نصل: (S:) or it is of half the size of a نصل, and is worthless; children play with it, and it is the worst kind of arrow [-head], and is used for shooting at objects of the chase and any other thing: (TA:) pl. مَشَاقِصُ. (S.) مُشَقِصٌ A butcher. (A, K.)
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