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1 شَعَفَ, (S, O, K,) aor. ـَ (K,) inf. n. شَعَفٌ, though it is implied in the K, by its being said that the verb is like مَنَعَ, that it is شَعْفٌ, (TA,) He smeared, anointed, or overspread, a camel [suffering from the mange, or scab], with tar, (S, O, K, and Bd in xii. 30,) and burned him by so doing. (Bd ibid.) Imra-el-Keys says, لِيَقْتُلَنِى وَقَدْ شَعَفْتُ فُؤَادَهَا كَمَا شَعَفَ المَهْنُوْءَةَ الرَّجُلُ الطَّالِى

[That he should slay me, I having overspread her heart with love of me, like as the man anointing overspreads her (meaning the camel) that is smeared with tar]: but it is also related otherwise, i. e. قَطَرْتُ فُؤَادَهَا كَمَا قَطَرَ: (O, TA:) Aboo-'Alee El-Kálee says that she [the camel] that is smeared with tar experiences, by reason of the tar, a pleasurable sensation with a burning. (TA.) b2: Hence, [as indicated above,] قَدْ شَعَفَهَا حُبًّا [He has overspread and burned her heart with love]; as some read in the Kur xii. 30; others reading شَغَفَهَا: (Bd:) [or he has burned her heart with love; for] شَعَفَهُ الحُبُّ means love burned his heart: (S:) there are two readings of the words of the Kur above; (O, K;) [as well as two other readings mentioned in art. شغف;] قَدْ شَعَفَهَا حُبًّا, (S, O, K,) one, a reading of El-Hasan (S, O) and others; meaning [as above: or], accord. to Az, he has diseased her heart with love, (S, * O,) and melted it: (O:) or, accord. to El-Hasan, he has penetrated into her with love: (S:) the other reading is قَدْ شَعِفَهَا حُبًّا, (O, K,) meaning he has become attached to her with love, and loved her excessively: (O:) [but it is also said that] شَعَفَنِى

حُبُّهُ means The love of him overspread my heart from above; (O, K;) from شَعَفَةٌ signifying the “ head ” of the heart, “at the place of suspension of [or from] the نِيَاط; ” (O, * K;) and in like manner, شُعِفْتُ بِهِ and بِحُبِّهِ, (O, and so in the CK,) or شَعِفْتُ: (so in other copies of the K, in which, and in the CK, the verb in this case is said to be like فَرِحَ: [but this I regard as a mistake:]) and شَعَفَ القَلْبَ He, or it, struck, or smote, the شَعَفَة, or uppermost part, of the heart: (Ham p.

545:) Az, however, says, I know not any one that has assigned to the heart a شَعَفَة, except Lth; and vehement love takes possession of the core (سَوَاد) of the heart; not of its extremity: [but] accord. to Fr, شُعِفَ بِفُلَانٍ, like عُنِىَ, means The love of such a one rose to the highest places of his heart: others say that الشعف [app. الشَّعَفُ] signifies the being frightened, and disquieted, like the beast when it is frightened; and that the Arabs transferred its attribution from beasts to human beings: (TA:) Abu-l-'Alà says that الشَّعَفُ signifies a thing's falling into the heart: (IB, TA:) one says also, شَعَفَهُ المَرَضُ Disease melted him: (TA:) and accord. to Az, شُعِفَ بِكَذَا means He became diseased by such a thing. (S.) شَعَفٌ: see شَعَفَةٌ, in two places. b2: Also The upper, or uppermost, part of the hump of the camel: (O, K:) Lth says that it is like the heads of truffles, and the three stones upon which the cooking-pot is placed, that are round in their upper, or uppermost, parts. (O.) A2: Also Vehemence of love: (L:) [or simply love: for] one says, أَلْقَى عَلَيْهِ شَعَفَهُ, meaning [He cast] his love [upon him, or it]; as also شَغَفَهُ. (TA.) شَعَفَةٌ The head [or summit] of a mountain: (S, O, K:) and the upper, or uppermost, part of anything: (Ham pp. 130 and 545:) pl. ↓ شَعَفٌ [or rather this is a coll. gen. n., and accord. to Freytag it is used as a sing., in the two senses above mentioned, in the Deewán of Jereer,] and [the pl. is] شُعُوفٌ and شِعَافٌ and شَعَفَاتٌ: (S, O, K:) and ↓ شَعَفٌ is also expl. as signifying an elevated part of the earth or ground. (TA.) b2: Also A lock of hair (خُصْلَةٌ) upon the head, (K,) or upon the upper, or uppermost, part of the head. (O, TA.) And شِعَافٌ (its pl., TA) signifies The hair of the head: so in the phrase رَجُلٌ صُهْبُ الشِّعَافِ [A man whose hair of the head is red, or red in the outer part and black beneath, or of a red colour tinged over with blackness, &c.]. (S, O, K.) b3: And The [pendent lock of hair termed] ذُؤَابَة of a boy, or young man. (S.) b4: And شَعَفَةُ القَلْبِ signifies The head of the heart, at the place of suspension of [or from] the نِيَاط [q. v.]. (O, TA. [But see, in the first paragraph, what Az says respecting this meaning.]) شَعَافٌ, like سَحَابٌ, Love's making away with the heart. (TA.) شُعَافٌ Insanity, or madness. (O, K.) شُعَيْفَةٌ dim. of شَعَفَةٌ: pl. شُعَيْفَاتٌ.] One says, مَا عَلَى رَأْسِهِ إِلَّا شُعَيْفَاتٌ There is not upon his head aught save some small hairs of the [pendent lock of hair termed] ذُؤَابَة. (S, O, K.) مَشْعُوفٌ [Burned in the heart by love: (see 1:) or] diseased [therein]: (Az, S:) or struck, or smitten, in the شَعَفَة of his heart by love, or by fright, or by insanity, or madness. (O, K.) Insane, or mad. (O, K.) Bereft of his heart. (TA.) [See also مَشْغُوفٌ.]
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