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شَرِهَ (S, MA, Mgh, Msb, K) عَلَى الطَّعَامِ (MA, Mgh, Msb) وَغَيْرِهِ, (Msb,) or إِلَى الطَّعَامِ, (TA, [perhaps a mistranscription,]) aor. ـَ (Msb, K,) inf. n. شَرَهٌ, (S, MA, Mgh, Msb,) said of a man, (S,) He was vehemently desirous, or greedy; (MA;) or very vehemently desirous, or very greedy; (Mgh, Msb;) or overcome by vehement desire, or greediness; (S, K;) of the food (MA, Mgh, Msb) &c.: (Msb:) or, as some say, he was affected with the worst of vehement desire, or of greediness. (TA.) شَرِهٌ (S, Msb, K) and ↓ شَرْهَانُ (Lth, K) [Vehemently desirous, or greedy; (see 1;) or] very vehemently desirous, or very greedy; (Msb;) or overcome by vehement desire, or greediness: (K:) or, accord. to some, affected with the worst of vehement desire, or of greediness. (TA.) شَرْهَانُ: see the next preceding paragraph.

إِهْيَا أَشَرْ إِهْيَا, with kesr to the ء in اهيا, and with fet-h to the ء in اشر, and to the ش, (K, TA,) and with the ر quiescent, (TA,) [mentioned in this art. in consequence of the supposing اشر with اهيا after it to compose one word,] but this is not its proper place; (K, TA;) so says Sgh; (TA;) an ancient Greek expression, (K, TA,) or Syriac, or, more correctly, Hebrew; (TA;) [the truth is that it is a mode of writing the Hebrew words ?? “ I shall be that I am,” in Exod. iii. 14, rendered in our Authorized Version “ I am that I am; ”] said in prayer; (TA;) [virtually] meaning The existing from eternity, that will not cease to be: (K:) Sgh says, thus one of the learned men of the Jews pronounced it to me in 'Adan Abyan: and some say هيا شراهيا, as though abridging it, meaning يَا حَىُّ يَا قَيُّومُ [which may be rendered O Ever-living, O Selfsubsisting by Whom all things subsist; but the latter epithet is variously explained]; so says Lth: (TA:) the people now say أَهْيَا شَرَاهِيَا, (so in some copies of the K,) with fet-h to the ء in اهيا, and dropping the ء in what follows this word, [which, however, probably means that they say أَهْيَا شَرْ أَهْيَا,] or, as in the handwriting of Sgh, with medd to the ء in the former; (TA;) [in my MS. copy of the K آهِيَا شَراهيا; in the CK, آهِيًّا شَراهِيًّا;] which is said in the K to be a mistake accord. to the assertion of the learned men of the Jews: but this, which is said to be a mistake, is what commonly obtains in the books of the people, [i. e. of the Jews,] and they seldom, or never, pronounce it otherwise than thus: As says that the vulgar say يَا هِيَا, which is post-classical; correctly يَا هَيَاهَ [or يَا هَيَا], with fet-h to the ء: AHát says, I think it to be originally يَا هَيَا شراهيا [which is inconsistent with the Hebrew]: and Ibn-Buzurj says, they said يَا هِيَا and يَا هَيَا in speaking to one from a near place. (TA.)
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