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1 شَخَسَ, aor. ـَ (K,) inf. n. شَخْسٌ, (S, A, O, K,) It was, or became, conflicting, incongruous, or dissimilar, in its several parts; شَخْسٌ being syn. with اِضْطِرَابٌ and اِخْتِلَافٌ [here used in the same, or nearly the same, sense]. (S, A, O, K.) b2: Also, (K,) inf. n. as above; (Lth, O, K;) or ↓ شاخس; (so says Lth, TA; and so in a copy of the A;) and ↓ تشاخس; (O, K;) said of an ass, (Lth, A, O, K,) He opened his mouth on the occasion of gaping (Lth, O, K) and smelling the urine of a she-ass: (Lth, O:) or he opened his mouth, raising his head, after smelling the dung. (A.) It is said that the primary signification of الشَّخْسُ is The opening of the mouth to gape. (Ham p. 196.) 3 شاخس فَاهُ, said of time, It caused his teeth to become incongruous; (ISk, A, O;) some of them being long and some of them being broken: (ISk, O:) this is the case in extreme old age: (A, TA:) شِخَاسٌ and مُشَاخَسَةٌ, [as inf. ns. of the pass. verb,] in relation to the teeth, signify their being in such a condition that some of them incline and some of them have fallen out: (JK, TA: *) one says, [شُوخِسَ فَاهُ, or شُوخِسَتْ أَسْنَانُهُ, and]

فُوهُ ↓ تشاخس, (A,) or تشاخست أَسْنَانُهُ, (S, O, K,) His teeth became incongruous, (S, A, O, K,) and some of them inclined and some of them fell out, (S, O, K,) by reason of extreme old age. (S, A, * O, K.) b2: شاخس الصَّدْعَ, said of the repairer of a wooden bowl, He made the crack of the bowl to incline, so that it remained not closed up. (O, K.) A2: See also 1.4 اشخس (assumed tropical:) He showed a sour, a crabbed, or an austere, face, (Aboo-Sa'eed, O, K,) لَهُ to him, (Aboo-Sa'eed, TA,) فِى المَنْطِقِ in speech; as also اشخص. (Aboo-Sa'eed, O, TA.) b2: And اشخسهُ, (O, K,) and اشخس بِهِ, (TA,) (assumed tropical:) He spoke evil of him behind his back, or in his absence, or otherwise, with truth, or though it might be with truth; syn. اِغْتَابَهُ; (O, K, TA;) as also اشخص به. (TA.) 6 تشاخس: see 1: and 3. b2: It (a crack in a wooden bowl) was made by the repairer to incline, so that it remained not closed up. (TA.) b3: It, said of the upper part of a man's skull, (i. e. said of his قِحْف, IDrd, O,) or said of his head, (K,) became severed in twain, in consequence of a blow: (IDrd, O, K:) or said of the two [lateral] bones of his head (قِحْفَا رَأْسِهِ), meaning تدانيا واختلفا; [but the former of these two verbs is app. a mistranscription for تَبَايَنَا; and the meaning, they became separated, each from the other, and not fitting together:] and it is sometimes said of the thumb; and of a vessel. (TA.) b4: تشاخس القَوْمُ (assumed tropical:) The people, or party, became distant, or remote, one from another. (JK.) b5: تشاخس أَمْرُ القَوْمِ (assumed tropical:) The state of affairs of the people, or party, became divided, (O, K, * TA, *) and conflicting, or inconsistent. (TA.) And تشاخس مَا بَيْنَ القَوْمِ (assumed tropical:) The state between the people, or party, became bad, or corrupt. (ISk, S, O, K. *) شَخِيسٌ (assumed tropical:) An affair, or a state of affairs, (أَمْرٌ,) disorganized, disordered, or unsettled; syn. مُتَفَرِّقٌ. (K.) b2: (assumed tropical:) Speech in which is a sour, a crabbed, or an austere, look: (JK: [like شَخِيصٌ:]) or (tropical:) incongruous, or discordant, speech; (O, K, TA;) as also ↓ مُتَشَاخِسٌ, (A 'Obeyd, TA, in art. شخص,) and مُتَشَاخِصٌ. (K ibid.) b3: [A man] adverse to that which he is commanded to do. (TA.) مُتَشَاخِسٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.
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