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1 شَحَجَ, aor. ـَ and شَحِجَ, inf. n. شَحِيجٌ (S, O, K) and شُحَاجٌ (As, S, O, K) and شَحَجَانٌ (O, K) and تَشْحَاجٌ; (O, L;) and ↓ تشحّج; and ↓ استشحج; (L, TA;) He uttered his voice or cry; [brayed; croaked;] said of a mule, (S, O, K, &c.,) and of an ass, (ISd, O,) and of a raven, or crow; (S, O, K, &c.;) and sometimes, (tropical:) of a man: (L:) or شَحِيجٌ is used in relation to a mule; and شَحَجَانٌ, in relation to a raven, or crow: (T, TA:) or the former of these two signifies the reiterating of the voice or cry of the raven, or crow; and when it stretches forth its head [and croaks], you say نَعَبَ: and accord. to the L, the first and second inf. ns., used in relation to an ass, signify the uttering certain of his voices or cries: Th is thought by ISd to have mentioned also شَحِجَ; but the latter doubts its correctness: and شُحَاجٌ is also expl. as signifying the raising of the voice; but as used more especially in relation to the mule and the ass. (TA.) شَحَجَ is also said of a raven, or crow, meaning He, being advanced in age, had a rough, or harsh, voice or cry: (O, K:) [he croaked roughly, or harshly, by reason of age:] it is said in the M that شَحِيجٌ and شُحَاجٌ signify the crying of a raven, or crow, when advanced in age. (TA.) 5 تَشَحَّجَ see the preceding paragraph.10 استشحج [He desired a raven, or crow, to croak]. One says of ravens, or crows, اُسْتُشْحِجْنَ فَشَحَجْنَ [They were desired to croak, and they croaked]. (O, K.) b2: See also 1.

شَحَّاجٌ, applied to a mule, an ass, and a raven or crow, that brays, or croaks, or raises its voice, much: and by Er-Rá'ee it is applied to (tropical:) a مُؤَذِّن. (TA.) b2: بَنَاتُ شَحَّاجٍ, (S, A, O, K,) and ↓ شَاحِجٍ, (L,) Mules: (S, A, O, K:) and asses. (A, TA.) b3: And شَحَّاجٌ and ↓ مِشْحَجٌ The wild ass: (S, O, K:) in the L said to be the wild pigeon: [but حمام is evidently there a mistranscription for حِمَار:] each an epithet in which the quality of a subst. predominates. (TA.) بَنَاتُ شَاحِجٍ: see شَحَّاجٌ. b2: شَوَاحِجُ [pl. of شَاحِجَةٌ] Ravens, or crows: which are also called ↓ مُسْتَشْحَجَاتٌ and ↓ مُسْتَشْحِجَاتٌ, meaning desired to croak and croaking. (O, K.) Dhu-r-Rummeh uses the phrase بِالفِرَاقِ ↓ مُسْتَشْحِجَاتٌ [Ravens croaking by reason of separation]. (O, TA.) مِشْحَجٌ: see شَحَّاجٌ.

مُسْتَشْحَجَاتٌ: see the next but one of the preceding paragraphs, in three places.
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