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1 شَبَرَ, aor. ـُ (S, A, Msb) and شَبِرَ, (S,) inf. n. شَبْرٌ; (IAar, S, Msb, K;) and ↓ شبّر, inf. n. تَشْبِيرٌ; (IAar, K;) He measured by the شِبْر [or span] (IAar, S, A, Msb, K) a garment, or piece of cloth, (S, K,) or a thing: (A, Msb:) from الشِّبْرُ; like as one says بُعْتُهُ from البَاعُ. (S.) مَنْ لَكَ أَنْ تَشْبُرَ البَسِيطَةَ (tropical:) [Who will be guarantee for thee that thou wilt measure the earth with thy span?] is a prov. applied to him who imposes upon himself that which he is unable to accomplish. (A, TA.) b2: شَبَرَ المَرْأَةَ, inf. n. as above, (assumed tropical:) He compressed the woman. (TA.) b3: شَبَرَهُ, (ISk, S, A,) aor. ـُ and شَبِرَ, (TA,) inf. n. as above; (S, K;) and ↓ اشبرهُ, (S, A,) inf. n. إِشْبَارٌ; (K;) and ↓ شبّرهُ, inf. n. تَشْبِيرٌ; (TS, TA;) He gave him (ISk, S, A, TS, K *) wealth, or property, (ISk, S, A,) or a sword, (ISk, S,) or a coat of mail. (S, IB.) A2: شَبِرَ, aor. ـَ He exulted; or exulted greatly, or excessively; and behaved insolently and unthankfully, or ungratefully. (TS, K, TA.) 2 شَبَّرَ see 1, in two places. b2: Also شبّرهُ, (AHeyth, K,) inf. n. تَشْبِيرٌ, (AHeyth, TA,) He magnified him, or honoured him; namely, a man: (AHeyth, K, TA:) and made him a near companion, a familiar, or a favourite. (AHeyth, TA.) 4 اشبر He (a man) begat children tall in the أَشْبَار, i. e. statures: and he begat children short therein. (IAar, TA.) A2: اشبرهُ: see 1.5 تشبّر He was, or became, magnified, or honoured: and made a near companion, a familiar, or a favourite. (AHeyth, TA.) 6 تشابرا They (two bodies of men, S) drew near, each to the other: (S, K:) as though they became a span (شِبْر) distant, one from the other; or as though each extended the span to the other. (S.) شَبْرٌ The measure [of the width (see ذِرَاعٌ)], by the span, of a garment, or piece of cloth: so in the saying, كَمْ شَبْرُ ثَوْبِكَ [How much is the measure of the width, by the span, of thy garment, or piece of cloth?]. (Msb.) b2: Stature; (Fr, K;) and so ↓ شِبْرَةٌ; whether short or tall: (TA:) pl. [app. of the latter] أَشْبَارٌ. (IAar, TA.) You say, مَا أَطْوَلَ شَبْرَهُ How tall is his stature! (TA.) b3: Life, or age; as also ↓ شِبْرٌ. (TS, K.) Thus in the saying, قَصَّرَ اللّٰهُ شَبْرَهُ and ↓ شِبْرَهُ [May God shorten, or God shortened, his life]. (TS, TA.) b4: (tropical:) The act of giving: (A, IAth:) like as بَاعٌ and يَدٌ are said for “generosity.” (A.) b5: See also شَبَرٌ, in two places. b6: (assumed tropical:) The due for marriage, and for concubitus; (Sh, S, * K; *) such as what are termed مَهْرٌ and عُقْرٌ. (Sh, TA.) You say, أَعْطَيْتُ الَرْأَةَ شَبْرَهَا I gave the woman her due for marriage, or for concubitus. (S.) b7: (assumed tropical:) The hire that is given for the stallion-camel's covering of the female. (IAar, T, S, Msb, K. *) The taking of this is forbidden. (T, S, Msb.) b8: (tropical:) Marriage: (IAth, K:) because it is accompanied by a gift. (IAth, TA.) بَارَكَ اللّٰهُ فِى شَبْرِكُمَا May God bless your marriage is a saying mentioned in a trad. (IAth, TA.) شِبْرٌ A span; the space between the extremity of the thumb and that of the little finger (Msb, K) when extended apart in the usual manner: (Msb:) of the masc. gender: (K:) pl. أَشْبَارٌ, (S, Msb, K,) the only pl. form. (Sb.) [See also بُصْمٌ, and ذِرَاعٌ.] [Hence,] قَصِيرُ الشِّبْرِ (applied to a man, S) (tropical:) Contracted, or short, in make: (S, A, K:) or, accord. to some of the lexicons, in step. (TA.) b2: [As a measure in astronomy, it is said in several of the law-books to be The twelfth part of the رُمْح; and therefore twentytwo minutes and a half, accord. to modern usage: but there is reason to believe that ancient usage differed from the modern with respect to both of these measures, and was not precise nor uniform. See رُمْحٌ.] b3: قِبَالُ الشِّبْرِ (assumed tropical:) The serpent: (IAar, K:) and so قِبَالُ الشِّسْعِ. (IAar, TA.) b4: See also شَبْرٌ, in two places.

شَبَرٌ (tropical:) A gift; (S Mgh, K, TA;) as also ↓ شَبْرٌ (Mgh, TA) and ↓ شِبْرَةٌ: (IAar, TA:) and wealth, or the like; syn. خَيْرٌ: (K:) the first is a word similar to خَبَطٌ and نَفَضٌ; and he who says that it is used by poetic license for شَبْرٌ [as it is said to be in the S] is in error: ↓ شَبْرٌ and شَبَرٌ are said to be two dial. vars., like قَدْرٌ and قَدَرٌ. (TA.) b2: Also A certain thing which the Christians give, one to another, (يَتَعَاطَاهُ النَّصَارَى, K, TA, َبعْضُهُمْ لِبَعْض ٍ, TA,) like the قُرْبَان [or Eucharist], (K, TA,) seeking to ingratiate themselves thereby: (TA:) or the Eucharist (قُرْبَان) itself: (K:) or a thing which the Christians give (تُعْطِيهِ), one to another, as though seeking to ingratiate themselves thereby: (Kh, Sgh, TA:) or (TA, in the K “and”) bodies: and powers, or faculties: (K, TA:) or (TA, in the K “and”) the Gospel. (K, TA.) شِبْرَةٌ: see شَبْرٌ: b2: and see also شَبَرٌ.

شَبُّورٌ A trumpet; syn. بُوقٌ; (S, K;) a certain thing in which one blows: (Mgh:) said to be an arabicized word; (S;) not genuine Arabic: (Mgh, TA:) accord. to IAth, it is Hebrew: (TA:) [app. from the Hebr.

שׁוֹפָּר, as observed by Golius.] b2: See also أُشْبُورٌ.

رَجُلٌ شَابِرُ المِيزَانِ (assumed tropical:) A man that is a thief. (Sgh, K.) أَشْبَرُ Wider in span; syn. أَوْسَعُ شِبْرًا. (A, TA.) So in the saying, هُوَ أَشْبَرُ مِنْ صَاحِبِهِ [He is wider in span than his companion]. (A.) أُشْبُورٌ A certain fish; (K;) called by the vulgar ↓ شَبُّور. (TA.) مَشْبَرٌ sing. of مَشَابِرُ, (TA,) which signifies Certain notches (حُزُوزٌ [pl. of حَزٌّ, in the CK erroneously written خُوُوْزٌ,]) in the cubit, by means of which buying and selling are transacted: (K, TA:) of them is the notch (حَزّ) of the span, and the notch of the half of the span, and of the quarter thereof: every notch of these, small or great, is termed مَشْبَرٌ: mentioned by Sgh, from Aboo-Sa'eed. (TA.) A2: مَشَابِرُ also signifies Rivers, or rivulets, (أَنْهَار,) that are depressed, so that the water comes to them from several places, (K, TA,) of such as overflows from the lands: (TA:) pl. of مَشْبَرٌ and ↓ مَشْبَرَةٌ. (K, TA.) مَشْبَرَةٌ: see what next precedes.

مَشْبُورَةٌ A liberal, bountiful, or generous, woman. (IAar, K.)
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