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أ1 زَكَأَهُ, (S, K,) aor. ـَ (K,) inf. n. زَكْءٌ, (S,) He paid it in ready money, quickly, or promptly; or was quick, or prompt, in doing so. (ISk, S.) [The verb is doubly trans. in this sense:) you say, زَكَأَهُ أَلْفًا He paid him a thousand (meaning a thousand dirhems, TA) in ready money, quickly, or promptly. (K, TA.) And زَكَأْتُهُ حَقَّهُ, inf. n. as above, I paid him his due; as also نَكَأْتُهُ حقّه, inf. n. نَكْءٌ. (ISh, TA) b2: And زَكَأَتِ النَّاقَةُ بِوَلَدِهَا, (S, K,) aor. and inf. n. as above, (S,) The she-camel cast forth her young one at her hind legs, or hind feet, (S, and so in some copies of the K,) or at her hind leg, or hind foot: (so in other copies of the K:) or, in labour, cast forth her young one. (T, TA.) And one says also, قَبَحَ اللّٰهُ أُمًّا زَكَأَتْ بِهِ, and لَكَأْتُ به, i. e. [May God remove from good, or prosperity, a mother that cast him forth from her womb, or] that brought him forth. (TA.) b3: And زَكَأَهُ, aor. as above, (K,) and so the inf. n., (TA,) He beat him, or struck him. (K.) So in the phrase زَكَأَهُ مِائَةَ سَوْطٍ; [He beat him, or struck him, with a hundred stripes of the whip]. (TA.) b4: And زَكَأَ جَارِيَتَهُ; He compressed his young woman, or female slave. (K.) A2: زَكَأَ إِلَيْهِ He had recourse to him, or it, for refuge, protection, preservation, concealment, covert, or lodging; he leaned, or stayed himself, upon him, or it. (Az, K.) 8 اِزْدَكَأَ مِنْهُ حَقَّهُ He took, or received, from him his due; (K;) as also انتكأ. (TA.) زُكَأٌ: see what next follows, in two places.

زَجُلٌ زُكَأَةٌ (S, K) and ↓ زُكَأٌ, (K,) and مَلِىْءٌ زُكَأَةٌ (S) and ↓ زُكَأٌ, (TA,) and النَّقْدِ ↓ زُكَآءُ, (S, K,) A wealthy man, quick, or prompt, in paying: (S, * K:) [or rather this is the meaning when you combine the two epithets ملىء and زكأة or زكأ: otherwise the meaning is only a man quick, or prompt, in paying: for] you say, لَتَجِدَنَّهُ زُكَأَةً نُكَأَةً

meaning Thou wilt assuredly find him to be one who pays what he owes (TA) without putting off. (K in art. نكأ.) زُكَآءُ النَّقْدِ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مَزْكَأٌ A refuge; an asylum; a place to which one has recourse for refuge, protection, preservation, concealment, covert, or lodging: [and applied to a man:] a poet says, speaking of Bishr Ibn-Marwán, وَنِعْمَ مَزْكَأُ مَنْ ضَاقَتْ مَذَاهِبُهُ [And excellent, or most excellent, is the refuge of him whose ways have become strait]. (TA.)
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