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ى1 زَرَى عَلَيْهِ, (S, Msb, K,) or زَرَى عَلَيْهِ فِعْلَهُ, (Mgh, TA,) aor. ـْ (Msb, TA,) inf. n. زِرَايَةٌ, (S, Mgh, Msb, K, TA,) with kesr, (Msb, TA,) but by some written with fet-h, (TA, [زَرايَة, thus in the CK and in one of my copies of the S and in my MS. copy of the K,]) and زَرْىٌ (Msb, K) and زَرْيَةٌ (Msb [perhaps a mistranscription for what next follows]) and مَزْرِيَةٌ and مَزْرَاةٌ and زُرْيَانٌ, with damm, (K,) but accord. to the copies of the T and M زَرَيَانٌ; (TA;) and عليه ↓ تزرّى, (S, Msb, K,) and عليه ↓ ازرى, but this is of rare occurrence, (K,) and ↓ اِزْدَرَاهُ; (Msb;) He blamed, found fault with, or reproved, (Lth, Az, S, Mgh, Msb, K,) him, (S, Msb, K,) or his deed; (Mgh, TA;) or was angry with him, with the anger that proceeds from a friend: (S, TA:) and reproached him, upbraided him, or blamed him angrily or severely: (Lth, TA:) and he mocked, scoffed, or laughed, at him; derided him; or ridiculed him. (Msb.) b2: See also 4, last sentence but one.4 ازرى بِهِ, inf. n. إِزْرَآءٌ, He held it (i. e. a thing, S, Msb, or a case, or an affair, K) in little, or light, or mean, estimation, or in contempt; (S, Mgh, Msb, K;) as also ↓ اِزْدَرَاهُ. (Mgh.) and i. q. قَصَّرَ بِهِ [app. here meaning (in like manner as it is rendered below in this paragraph) He fell short of that estimation which was required by him, or due to him]; and ↓ اِزْدَرَاهُ, i. e. he contemned, or despised, him; [and so, app., ↓ استزراهُ; (see مُزْدَرٍ;)] or made him to be contemned or despised; syn. حَقَرَهُ or حَقَّرَهُ. (S, accord. to different copies. [But whether this last explanation be here meant to relate to ازرى به and ازدراه or to the latter alone, is not clear.]) He lowered his condition, or estimation. (Ham p. 117.) He brought against him the imputation of a fault, or vice, or the like, ('Eyn, K, TA,) or a thing, or an affair, or an action, whereby he desired to involve him in confusion. (ISd, K, TA.) ازرى

بِعِلْمِهِ and بِهِ ↓ زَرَى, mentioned, but not explained, by Lh, are thought by ISd to signify قَصَّرَ بِهِ [app. meaning He fell short of that estimation which was required by, or due to, his knowledge]. (TA.) ازرى عَلَيْهِ: see 1.5 تَزَرَّىَ see 1.8 اِزْدَرَاهُ: see 1: and see also 4, in two places.10 إِسْتَزْرَىَ see 4.

زَرِىٌّ, applied to a skin for water or milk (سِقَآءٌ) [Of middling size;] between small and large. (ISd, K.) زَارٍ عَلَى إِنْسَانٍ Blaming, finding fault with, or reproving, a man; or being angry with him, with the anger that proceeds from a friend; and being displeased with him: thus in a verse of Mejnoon cited voce اِسْتَدَامَ: (S, TA:) making no account of a man, and disapproving his conduct. (AA, Msb, TA.) مِزْرَآءٌ A man who blames, or finds fault with, people [app. much, or habitually]. (K,* TA.) مُزْدَرٍ Contemning, or despising; as also ↓ مُسْتَزْرٍ. (K, and in some copies of the S.) b2: And [hence,] The lion. (K.) مُسْتَزْرٍ: see the next preceding paragraph.
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