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Q. 1 زَرْنَقَةٌ [as inf. n. of زَرْنَقَ] The irrigating [land] by means of the زُرْنُوق [here app. meaning rivulet]. (Mgh, K.) b2: And The setting up a [pillar-like structure such as is termed] زُرْنُوق by a well. (K.) A2: One says also, زَرْنَقْتُهُ, (K,) inf. n. as above, (TK,) meaning I clad him [app. فِى

الثِّيَابِ in the clothes: see Q. 2]: or زَرْنَقْتُ اللِّبَاسِ

إِيَّاهُ I put the clothing upon him; or clad him therewith. (TK) A3: And لَا يُزَرْنِقُكَ أَحَدٌ عَلَى

فَضْلِ زَيْدٍ [No one will exceed to thee the excel-lence of Zeyd]. (TA. [It is there indicated that this is from زَرْنَقَةٌ as syn. with زِيَادَةٌ.]) A4: [See زَرْنَقَةٌ as a simple subst. below.]Q. 2 تَزَرْنَقَ He drew water by means of the زُرْنُوق, (Mgh, K, TA,) or the زُرْنُوقَانِ, (TA,) for hire. (Mgh, K, TA.) Hence the saying of 'Alee, لَا أَدَعُ الحَجَّ وَلَوْ تَزَرْنَقْتُ, meaning I will not omit, or neglect, the pilgrimage, though I should draw water by means of the زرنوق, or زرنوقان, and perform it with the hire obtained thereby: thus it is explained: another explanation will be found in what follows. (Mgh, TA.) A2: تزرنق فِى الثِّيابِ He clad, and covered, himself in the clothes. (K.) b2: And hence, [it is said,] because implying concealment of the excess [of the price] in the sale, (TA,) تزرنق also signifies تَعَيَّنَ, (Mgh, K, TA, [in the CK, erroneously, تَغَيَّرَ,]) from الزَّرْنَقَةُ meaning العِينَةُ; (Mgh;) i. e. He bought on credit, for an excess [in the amount of the price]. (TK.) And accord. to some, وَلَوْ تَزَرْنَقْتُ, in the saying of 'Alee mentioned above, means وَلَوْ تَعَيَّنْتُ, (Mgh,) i. e. وَلَوْ تَعَيَّنْتُ عِينَةَ الزَّادِ وَالرَّاحِلَةِ [though I should buy on credit, for more than the current price, the travelling-provision and the camel to be ridden]: (TA:) but the former explanation is the more likely. (Mgh.) زَرْنَقَةٌ inf. n. of زَرْنَقَ. (TK. [See Q. 1, above.]) A2: Also i. q. عِينَةٌ; (IAar, JK, Mgh, K;) i. e. The buying of a thing from a man on credit, for more than its [current] price: (JK, Fáïk:) or the doing thus, and then selling it to him, or to another, for less than the price for which it was purchased. (TA.) b2: And Increase, excess, or addition; syn. زِيَادَةٌ. (K.) [For زَرْنَقَةٌ in this and the following senses, Freytag, in his Lex., has written زَرْنَق.] b3: And Debt. (K, TA. [In the CK, الدِّينُ is erroneously put for الدَّيْنُ: and it is there added, “as though arabicized from زَرْنَهْ; i. e. الذَّهَبَ لَبِسَ: ” but what this should be I know not, unless it be a mistranscription for الذَّهَبُ لَيْسَ; for, in Pers\., زَرْ means “ gold,” and نَهْ is a negative.]) A3: Also Perfect, or consummate, beauty. (K.) زُرْنُوقٌ, as some pronounce it, is by others pronounced زَرْنُوقٌ, which is of a strange form, [said to be] of the measure فَعْنُولٌ, (IJ, TA,) mentioned by Kr on the authority of Lh: (TA:) [the dual]

زُرْنُوقَانِ, (S, Mgh, K,) mentioned by J in art. زرق, the ن being regarded by him as augmentative, but by the author of the K as radical, (TA,) also pronounced زَرْنُوقَانِ, (K,) signifies Two pillarlike structures (مَنَارَتَانِ) constructed by the head of a well, (S, Mgh, K,) on the two sides thereof; (K;) or two walls; or two posts; (Mgh;) across which is placed a piece of wood, (S, Mgh,) called the نَعَامَة; (S;) and to this is suspended the pulley by means of which the water is drawn: (S, Mgh:) or two structures like the signs set up to show the way, by the brink of a well, of clay or of stones: (TA:) accord. to the S, (TA,) if of wood, they are called دِعَامَتَان: or, as El-Kilábee says, if of wood, they are called نَعَامَتَانِ, and the crosspiece is called the عَجَلَة, and to this the large bucket is suspended: (S, TA:) pl. زَرَانِيقُ. (TA.) b2: زُرْنُوقٌ also signifies A rivulet; (Sh, Mgh, K;) app. a rivulet in which runs the water that is drawn by means of the زرنوق. (Sh, Mgh,* TA.) زِرْنِيقٌ i. q. زِرْنِيخٌ [i. e. Arsenic]; an arabicized word; (K;) as is also the latter [q. v.]. (TA.) مُزَرْنِقٌ A setter-up of what are termed زَرْنُوقَانِ. (TA.)
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