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1 زَرِمَ, (S, K,) aor. ـَ (K,) inf. n. زَرَمٌ, (TA,) said of one's urine, (S, K,) and of his flow of tears, and of his speech, (K,) and of his oath, (TA,) and of anything that had gone back, (S,) It became interrupted, or stopped; or it stopped; or ceased; (S, K;) as also ↓ اِزْرَأَمَّ. (K.) And so the former verb said of a sale. (TA.) b2: And, said of a dog, (S, K,) and of a cat, (K,) His dung, (S, K,) or dry dung, (K,) stopped in his rectum. (S, K.) A2: زَرَمَهُ: see 4. b2: زَرَمَتْ بِهِ She (his mother, S) brought him forth. (S, K.) 2 زَرَّمَ see 4. b2: زرّمهُ, (S, TA,) inf. n. تَزْرِيمٌ, (TA,) He, or it, rendered him زَرِم, i. e. niggardly, or avaricious: (S:) or it (time, or fortune,) cut off from him good, good things, or prosperity. (TA.) 4 ازرمهُ He, or it, interrupted it, stopped it, or caused it to cease; namely, one's urine, and his flow of tears, and his speech; as also ↓ زَرَمَهُ, aor. ـِ (K,) inf. n. زَرْمٌ; (TA;) and ↓ زرّمهُ, (K,) inf. n. تَزْرِيمٌ. (TA.) b2: And He interrupted, or stopped, his (another's) urine. (As, S, K.) A2: أَزْرَمَتْ She (a camel) interrupted her flow of urine by little and little. (AA, TA.) 8 اِزْدِرَامٌ The act of swallowing [a thing]: (S, K:) mentioned in the S in art. زدرم or زردم [accord. to different copies]; (TA;) and in the K, as an art. by itself; the reason whereof is not apparent; for it appears to be of the measure اِفْتِعَالٌ; not اِفْعِلَالٌ. (MF, TA.) Q. Q. 4 اِزْرَأَمَّ, (S, K,) inf. n. اِزْرِئْمَامٌ: (S:) see 1. b2: [Also] He shrank, or drew himself together: (A'Obeyd, S:) or he shuddered and shrank. (TA.) b3: And He was angry. (Az, TA.) زرم [app. زَرْمٌ] Dung, or dry dung, stopping in the rectum of a dog or cat. (TA. [See 1, third sentence.]) A2: زَرْمٌ Caution. (K.) زَرِمٌ Anything becoming interrupted, or stopped; stopping, or ceasing; as also ↓ أَزْرَمُ. (TA.) Scanty, or little in quantity, and becoming interrupted, or stopped: so in the phrase رَجُلٌ زَرِمُ الدَّمْعِ: or this signifies [simply] a man whose tears are becoming interrupted, or stopped. (TA.) b2: A she-camel that interrupts her flow of urine by little and little. (AA, TA. [Thus used as a fem. epithet without ة.]) b3: A dog, and a cat, whose dung, or dry dung, has stopped in his rectum. (TA.) b4: Straitened [app. in his means of subsistence]. (S.) b5: Niggardly, or avaricious. (S.) b6: Low, object, mean, or ignominious, whose near kinsfolk are few; (IAar, K;) as also ↓ زَرِيمٌ. (TA.) b7: One who does not remain fixed, or settled, in any place. (As, K.) زَرِيَمٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

زُرَأْمِيمٌ: see مُزْرَئِمٌّ.

أَزْرَمُ: see زَرِمٌ. b2: Also The cat. (ISd, K.) مُزْرَئِمٌّ Shrinking, or drawing himself together; (A'Obeyd, S, K;) as also ↓ زُرَأْمِيمٌ; (Th, K, TA; [in the CK زَرامِيْم;]) each with damm: (TA:) or, accord. to A'Obeyd, مُزْرَئِمٌّ signifies shuddering and shrinking; with the ر before the ز; and Az doubted whether the word having this meaning were مُزْرَئِمٌّ or مُزْرَئِمٌّ; but Az says that the former is the right, with the ز before the ر and that it is thus accord. to Ibn-Jebeleh. (TA.) b2: Also Angry. (Az, TA.) b3: And Silent. (IB, TA.)
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