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Q. 1 زَحْلَفَهُ, (S, K,) inf. n. زَحْلَفَةٌ, (S,) He rolled him, or it, down or along. (S, K.) b2: and He pushed, impelled, repelled, or drove away, or back, him, or it. (S, K.) [Hence,] one says, زَحْلَفَ اللّٰهُ عَنَّا شَرَّكَ May God put away, or ward off, from us thy mischief. (TA.) b3: زَحْلَفَ لِفُلَانٍ

أَلْفًا He gave to such a one a thousand. (Sgh, K.) b4: زَحْلَفَ الإِنَآءَ He filled the vessel. (Sgh, K.) b5: زَحْلَفَ فِى الكَلَامِ He hastened, or was quick, in speech. (Sgh, K.) Q. 2 تَزَحْلَفَ He, or it, rolled down or along. (S, * K, * TA.) One says, يَتَزَحْلَفُونَ فِيهِ [They roll down it]; namely, a smoothed descending, or sloping, place. (IAar, T, S.) b2: And He, or it, became pushed, impelled, repelled, or driven away or back. (S, K.) [Hence,] El-Ajjáj says, وَالشَّمْسُ قَدْ كَادَتْ تَكُونُ دَنَفَا

أَدْفَعُهَا بِالرَّاحِ كَىْ تَزَحْلَفَا [And the sun had almost become near to setting, and to turning yellow; I repelling it with the palm of the hand in order that it might be warded off; تَزَحْلَفَا being for تَتَزَحْلَفَ]. (S.) See also the next paragraph. b3: One says also تَزَحْلَفَتِ الشَّمْسُ meaning The sun inclined to setting: or declined from the meridian, at midday. (TA.) Q. 4 اِزْحَلَفَّ, as also اِزْلَحَفَّ, (Mgh, K,) He was, or became, far; he stood, or kept, aloof; (A 'Obeyd, Mgh, TA;) he removed, withdrew, or retired to a distance; (A 'Obeyd, Mgh, K, TA;) as also ↓ تَزَحْلَفَ; (TA;) عَنْ كَذَا from such a thing: (Mgh:) for ex., from adultery, or fornication. (A 'Obeyd, Mgh, TA.) زُحْلُوفٌ Smooth rock: to which is likened the portion of flesh and sinew bordering the backbone, when fat. (Ibn-'Abbád, TA.) زِحْلِيفٌ A slippery place. (TA.) [See also what next follows: and see زِحْلِيلٌ.]

زُحْلُوفَةٌ The traces of the sliding of children from the top to the bottom of a hill: (As, S, K:) of the dial. of the people of El-'Áliyeh: in the dial. of Temeem, with ق [in the place of ف]: (S:) or [a sloping slide, or rolling-place; i. e.] a smoothed descending, or sloping, place; (IAar, S, K;) because they roll down it (يَتَزَحْلَفُونَ فِيهِ): (S:) or a slippery place of a mountain of sands, upon which children play; and likewise on smooth rock: (Aboo-Málik, TA:) pl. زَحَالِيفُ and زَحَالِفُ. (S.) زَحَالِفُ a pl. of زُحْلُوفَةٌ. (S.) b2: حُمُرٌ زَحَالِفُ الصُّقْلِ Asses having smooth and fat bellies. (Ibn-'Abbád, TA.) A2: Also Small دَوَابّ [i. e. reptiles, or insects], having legs, that walk, resembling ants: (K:) or, as in the O, having legs resembling ants. (TA.) مُتَزَحْلِفٌ, accord. to Freytag, occurs in the Deewán el-Hudhaleeyeen as meaning Smooth, applied to rock.]
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