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2 روّل, (Lth, T, S,) inf. n. تَرْوِيلٌ, (S,) He (a horse) slavered in his مِخْلَاة [or nose-bag]. (Lth, T, S.) [See also رَالَ in art. ريل.] b2: He discharged his urine interruptedly and convulsively. (Sh, T.) b3: He (a horse) put forth his yard for the purpose of staling. (A'Obeyd, T, S, M, K.) And (M, in the K “ or,”) He extended his penis feebly: (M, K: *) or he emitted his semen before access to the woman. (K.) A2: Also, (inf. n. as above, T, S, K,) He seasoned a cake of bread with grease or fat, or melted grease or fat, or the like, (M, K,) and with clarified butter: (M:) or he rubbed it with clarified butter, (As, T, M, K,) and with grease, or gravy, or dripping: (As, T, M:) or he rubbed it hard, or much, with clarified butter: (S:) or he soaked bread in clarified butter; and the like: (Ham p. 114:) or he made his food, (M,) or a cake of bread, (K,) very greasy: (M, K:) i. q. رَوَّغَ [q. v.]. (JK and TA in art. روغ.) رُوَالٌ and ↓ رَاوُولٌ, (As, T, S, M, K,) the former also with ء, [رُؤَالٌ,] as mentioned in art. رالٌ, (TA,) but not the latter, for the Arabs do not pronounce a word of this [class and] measure with ء, (S, TA,) and A'Obeyd says that it is without ء, or, accord. to ISk, it is [also] with ء, (M and TA in art. رأل,) Slaver: (IAar and T in explanation of the former, and S in explanation of both:) [like رِيَالٌ, mentioned in art. ريل:] one says رَجُلٌ كَثِيرُ الرُّوَالِ A man having much slaver: (IAar, T: in one copy of the T الرُّؤَال:) and فُلَانٌ يَسِيلُ رُوَالُهُ Such a one, his slaver flows: (S:) or both signify the slaver of horses and similar beasts, (As, T, M, K,) and of children: (As, T:) or the former signifies peculiarly the froth, or foam, of the horse: (M, K: *) accord. to Lth, the saliva of the horse or similar beast. (T.) [See رُؤَالٌ, in art. رأل.]

A2: See also the next paragraph.

رَائِلٌ Falling in drops. (AA, T, K.) رُوَالٌ رَائِلٌ means Slaver falling in drops. (AA, T.) and (K) it has an intensive signification, [app. meaning Much slaver,] (M, K,) like شِعْرٌ شَاعِرٌ. (M.) A2: Also, (M, K,) and ↓ رَاوُولٌ, (S, TA,) but disallowed in this sense by As, (T, S,) in the K, erroneously, ↓ رُوَالٌ, (TA, [see also رُؤَالٌ, in art. رأل,]) A redundant tooth, (S, M, K,) in a man and a horse, (S,) not growing in the manner of the أَضْرَاس [or other teeth]: (M, K:) or رَائِلٌ and ↓ رَائِلَةٌ signify a tooth that grows to a horse or similar beast, preventing him from drinking [with ease] and from [eating in the manner termed]

قَضْمٌ: (Lth, T:) accord. to ISh, رَوَائِلُ [pl. of ↓ رَائِلَةٌ] signifies small teeth that grow at the roots of the large teeth, and excavate the roots of the latter so that these fall out: (T:) [and] so رَوَاوِيلُ: (TA:) or this last, which is pl. of ↓ رَاوُولٌ, signifies redundant teeth that are behind the [other] teeth; as also رَوَاوِلُ, with the ى elided. (Ham p. 818.) رَائِلَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in two places.

رَاوُولٌ: see رُوَالٌ: A2: and see also رَائِلٌ, in two places.

مِرْوَلٌ, (IAar, T, K, in one copy of the T مُرَوِّلٌ,) like مِنْبَرٌ, (K,) A man having much slaver. (IAar, T, K.) b2: And [Bread, or food,] soft with seasoning. (IAar, T, TA.) b3: And A horse much affecting to act as a stallion. (IAar, T, TA.) A2: Also A piece of a weak rope: (AHn, M, K:) and a piece of a rope of which no use is made. (AHn, M.) مُرَوِّلٌ [see 2, of which it is a part. n.:] One whose penis is, or becomes, flaccid: so accord. to IAar. (T.)
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