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2 رَقَّطْتُ عَلَى ثَوْبِى (tropical:) I made specks, or small spots, [with ink or the like, (see 5,)] upon my garment; syn. نَقَّطْتُ. (A, TA.) 5 ترقّط ثَوْبُهُ (tropical:) His garment became sprinkled with specks, or small spots, of ink or the like. (K, TA.) 9 ارقطّ, (S, K,) inf. n. اِرْقِطَاطٌ, (S,) He, or it, was, or became, of a black colour speckled with white: or the reverse: (K:) [or speckled with white, and black, and red, and yellow: (see رُقْطَةٌ:)] as also ↓ ارقاطّ, (K,) inf. n. اِرْقِيطَاطٌ: (TA:) or the former, he (a sheep, or goat,) was, or became, such as is termed أَبْغَث. (S.) b2: It (the stalk, or twig, of the عَرْفَج) put forth its leaves, and what resembled nails (أَظَافِير) were seen in the place of separation (مُتَفَرَّق) of its stalks, or twigs, and internodal portions; as also ↓ the latter verb: (K, * TA:) this is said to be after what is termed تَثْقِيبٌ and قَمَلٌ, and before what is termed إِدْبَآءٌ and إِخْوَاصٌ: (TA:) or ↓ the latter verb, said of the عرفج, signifies it put forth its leaves; and this it does before its إِدْبَآء: (S:) [see عَرْفَجٌ:] in a trad. occurs the expression ارقاطّ عَوْسَجُهَا; but El-Kutabee thinks that it should be عَرْفَجُهَا. (TA.) 11 إِرْقَاْطَّ see 9, in three places.

رَقْطٌ A dotting, or speckling: pl. أَرْقَاطٌ. (O.) رُقْطَةٌ Blackness mixed with speckles of white: (S, K:) or the reverse: (M, K:) or speckles of white, and of black, and of red, and of yellow, in an animal: (A, TA:) and the state, or quality, denoted by the epithet أَرْقَطُ. (TA.) أَرْقَطُ Black speckled with white: or the reverse: fem. رَقْطَآءُ. (K.) Applied to a sheep or goat, Like, (S,) or syn. with, (K,) أَبْغَثُ: (S, K:) or speckled with black and white. (Har p. 303.) And the fem., applied to a domestic fowl or hen (دَجَاجَة), Black speckled with white: (S:) or party-coloured: (K:) or having patches of white and black: much sought after, and used, by enchanters; and rarely found. (TA.) b2: It is also applied to a man. (TA.) b3: And the fem. is applied to a tract (رِسَالَةٌ), and to an ode (قَصِيدَةٌ), as meaning Having one of the letters of a word thereof dotted, and another not dotted: from the same epithet applied to a sheep or goat. (Har p. 303.) b4: السِّلْسِلَةُ الرَّقْطَآءُ A certain reptile; the most malignant of the [kind of lizards called]

عِظَآء: when it crawls upon food, it poisons it. (TA.) b5: ثَرِيدَةٌ رَقْطَآءُ (tropical:) [A mess of crumbled or broken bread] having much oil (Sgh, K *) or clarified butter. (TA.) b6: الأَرْقَطُ The leopard: (K:) an epithet in which the quality of a subst. predominates. (TA.) b7: الرَّقْطَآءُ (tropical:) Civil war; conflict and faction; sedition; or the like; syn. الفِتْنَةُ: (K:) because of its variableness: or such as is not universal; likened to a speckled serpent: occurring in a trad. (TA.)
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