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1 رَقَشَ, (A,) aor. ـُ (TK,) inf. n. رَقْشٌ, (S, M, A, K,) He variegated; coloured with two or more colours; decorated; embellished; syn. نَقَشَ; (S, * A, K; *) and زَيَّنَ; as also ↓ رقّش; (Har p. 57;) and ↓ تَرَقَّشَ. (So in a copy of the A: [but I think that this is a mistranscription, for رَقَّشَ.]) b2: He wrote: (M, TA:) and he pointed, or dotted, (As, M, TA,) characters, and writing: (As, TA:) as also ↓ رقَّش, inf. n. تَرْقِيشٌ; in both senses: and ↓ the latter, he wrote upon, or in, papers or the like, or books. (M, TA.) 2 رقّش, inf. n. تَرْقِيشٌ: see 1, in three places. b2: He embellished his speech: or embellished it with lies: syn. حَسَّنَ, and زَوَّقَ: (TA:) or زَيَّنَ, (A,) and زَوَّرَ, (S, K,) and زَخْرَفَ. (S, A, K.) b3: Hence, (A, TA,) (tropical:) He made known, divulged, or told, discourse, or conversation, in a malicious or mischievous manner, so as to occasion discord, dissension, or the like; (S, A, TA;) because he who does so embellishes his speech, or embel-lishes it with lies: (A, TA:) he told a calumny to the object thereof. (M.) b4: (assumed tropical:) He excited discord, dissension, or animosity. (M.) b5: (assumed tropical:) He blamed, reproved, or chid; syn. عَاتَبَ. (M, TA.) 5 ترقّش He adorned himself: (A, K:) he displayed his beauty, or goodliness. (A, TA.) A2: See also 1.8 ارتقشوا (assumed tropical:) They became mixed together in fight. (AA, K.) رَقَشٌ A good, or beautiful, خَطّ [i. e. character, or handwriting]. (TA.) [See also رُقَيْشٌ: and see 1.]

A2: Also Food. (M.) رَقَشٌ and ↓ رُقْشَةٌ A colour in which are [intermixed] duskiness, or dinginess, and blackness; and the like of those two hues. (M.) [See أَرْقَشُ.]

رُقْشَةٌ: see what next precedes.

رَقَاشٌ The serpent: (A, Sgh, K:) app. because of the رُقْشَة [see رَقَشٌ] upon his back: (TA:) or a serpent speckled with black and white [like حَيَّةٌ رَقْشَآءُ]. (A.) رُقَيْشٌ dim. of رَقْشٌ, signifying The pointing, or dotting, of characters and writing: (As, TA:) or of أَرْقَشُ; as also ↓ أُرَيْقِشُ [so in the TA, but in some copies of the K, أُرَيْقِشٌ]: (AHát, K:) the latter is allowable. (A Hát.) أَرْقَشُ; fem. رَقْشَآءُ; (S, M, &c.;) pl. رُقْشٌ; (A;) Variegated with duskiness, or dinginess, and blackness; or the like of those two hues; applied to the [species of locust called] جُنْدَب: (M, TA:) and the fem., applied to a serpent (حَيَّة), (S, M, IAth, K,) signifies the same: (M:) or speckled with black and white; (S, K;) and so when applied to a she-goat: (IAar, M:) or, applied to a serpent, it signifies one of the viper-species (أَفْعًى); because of the lines and specks upon its back: (IAth:) and أَرْقَشُ الأُذُنَيْنِ having his ears variegated with black and white, and the rest of his hair black; applied to a kid. (S.) b2: Also the fem., A small creeping thing (M, K) that is found in herbs, a variegated and beautiful worm, (M,) resembling [another small creeping thing called] the حُمْطُوط, (M, K,) speckled with red and yellow. (IDrd, TA.) Sgh., or his copyist, has corrupted حمطوط into خُطُوط. (TA.) b3: Also the fem., The شِقْشِقَة [i. e. the bursa faucium, or faucial bag,] of the camel: (S, A, K:) or the شقشقة of the camel is sometimes رقشآء, having in it a mixture of colours. (IDrd.) أُرَيْقِشُ: see رُقَيْشٌ.
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