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1 رَشَّ, (A, Msb,) aor. ـُ (MS,) inf. n. رَشٌّ (S, A, Msb, K) and تَرْشَاشٌ, (A, K,) He sprinkled, or scattered in drops, (A, K, TK,) water, (S, A, Msb, K,) and blood, (S, A, K,) and tears, (S, K,) &c. (A.) b2: رَشَّ المَكَانَ, (S, TA,) or المَوْضِعَ, (Msb,) and البَيْتَ, (A,) inf. n. رَشٌّ, (S, TA,) He sprinkled, or wetted by sprinkling, (TA,) the place, (S, Msb, TA,) and the house, or chamber, or tent, (A,) بِمَاء ٍ with water. (Msb, TA.) And رَشَّ الحَائِكُ النَّسِيجَ بِالْمِرَشَّةِ [The weaver sprinkled the web with the مرشّة]. (A, TA.) b3: [Hence,] رَشَّتِ السَّمَآءُ, and ↓ أَرَشَّت, (S, A, Msb, K,) The shy rained: (A, Msb:) or let fall a little rain, such as is termed رَشٌّ. (S. [After the former of these verbs, الأَرْضَ, or the like, seems to be understood.]) [And hence,] الطَّعْنَةُ ↓ أَرَشَّتِ [The spear-wound, or the like, sprinkled forth blood: a signification implied, but not expressed, in the S and A: or] became wide, so that its blood became scattered about: (K:) or passed through, and made the blood to flow, or to appear and flow, or to flow copiously, or with force. (Msb.) b4: [Hence also,] رَشَّهُ بِثَآء ٍ حَسَن ٍ (assumed tropical:) He eulogized him. (TA voce خَمَّ.) b5: And رَشَّهُ He washed him, or it. (MF, from the Expositions of the “ Muwatta. ”) 2 رَشَّّ [رشّش القَلَمُ الحِبْرَ The pen spirtled the ink.]4 أَرْشَ3َ see 1, in two places.

A2: ارشّ الفَرَسَ, (A, K,) inf. n. إِرْشَاشٌ, (A,) He made the horse to sweat by urging him with his feet. (A, K.) 5 ترشّش عَلَيْهِ المَآءُ, (S,) and عليه ↓ تَرَشْرَشَ, (A,) [The water became sprinkled, or scattered in drops, upon him or it.] And ترشّشت نُقْطَةٌ مِنَ القَلَمِ [A drop of ink became spirtled from the pen]. (S and K in art. مج) R. Q. 2 تَرَشْرَشَ: see 5. b2: Also It (roasted meat) dripped with gravy; or was succulent, and dripping with juice; or was fat. (TA.) b3: and It flowed. (TA.) رَشٌّ, (S, K,) or رَشٌّ مِنْ مَطَر ٍ, (A, TA,) A little [sprinkling] rain: (S, K:) [and so ↓ رَشَّةٌ in the present day:] or the first [or lightest and weakest] of rain: (IAar: [see رَكٌّ:] pl. رِشَاشٌ. (S, K.) b2: Also the former, (assumed tropical:) A painful beating. (Sgh, K.) رَشَّةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

رَشَاشٌ What is sprinkled, (S, A, * K,) or scattered, (Msb,) of water, (A, Msb,) and the like, (Msb,) or of blood, (S, A, K,) and of tears, (S, K,) and the like, (K,) and of rain; (TA in art. طش;) what is scattered, or flies about, of blood. (Msb.) b2: [Hence the saying,] لَمْ يَدْخُلْ فِى الشَّرِّ وَأَصَابَهُ مِنْ رَشَاشِهِ (tropical:) [He did not enter into evil, or mischief, and yet somewhat thereof, or of its effects, befell him]. (A, TA.) And أَلَحَّ بِنَا العُطَاشُ وَمَا نَالَنَا مِنْكَ إِلَّا الرَّشَاشُ [app. meaning Insatiable thirst, or desire, to hear from thee, or the like, remained in us, and there did not reach us from thee aught save a mere sprinkling; or perhaps, what was scattered abroad, of rumours, or the like]. (A, TA. *) [See also an ex. voce رَذَاذٌ.]

رَشِيشٌ: see مَرْشُوشٌ.

رَشْرَاشٌ Roasted meat (Aboo-Sa'eed, A, K) dripping with its gravy; (Aboo-Sa'eed, A, TA;) or succulent, and dripping with its juice; (TA;) or fat: (K:) and ↓ مُرِشٌّ signifies the same. (TA.) مُرِشٌّ: see what next precedes.

مِرَشَّةٌ A thing with which one sprinkles: (Ibn-'Abbád:) a thing with which the weaver sprinkles the web: (A, TA:) [in the present day, applied to a long-necked bottle, with a stopper pierced with a hole or holes, for sprinkling scented water.]

مَرْشُوشٌ [Sprinkled, or scattered in drops; as also ↓ رَشِيشٌ, occurring in this sense in a verse in the TA in art. خفت]. b2: مَحَلٌّ مَرْشُوشٌ [A place of alighting sprinkled, or wetted by sprinkling]. (A.) b3: أَرْضٌ مَرْشُوشَةٌ Land upon which [rain such as is called] الرَّشّ has fallen. (TA.)
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