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1 رَشَفَهُ, aor. ـُ and رَشَفَ, inf. n. رَشْفٌ, (S, MA, O, Msb, K,) [and app. رَشِيفٌ also (which see below), and تَرْشَافٌ, which has an intensive signification, mentioned by Freytag as occurring in the “ Mak-soorah ” of Ibn-Dureyd;] and رَشِفَهُ, aor. ـَ (AA, O, K,) inf. n. رَشْفٌ; (K;) He sucked it in, (S, MA, O, K,) namely, water, (MA, K,) and the saliva of a girl, (IAar, O,) with the two lips; (MA;) as also ↓ ارتشفهُ (S, MA, O, * K) and ↓ ترشّفهُ (S, * MA, O, * K) and ↓ ارشفهُ and ↓ رشّفهُ: (IAar, O, K:) or he took it, namely, water, with the two lips in a manner exceeding that which is termed مَصٌّ: (Msb:) and رَشَفَ, (Msb,) or رَشَفَ الإِنَآءَ and رَشِفَهُ, (K,) inf. n. رَشْفٌ, (IF, O,) he drank to the uttermost what was in the vessel, not leaving in it anything: (IF, * O, * Msb, K:) or, accord. to some, رَشْفٌ signifies the sucking in the water of the mouth in kissing: (Har p. 271:) you say, رَشَفَهَا, meaning he sucked her (a girl's) saliva from her mouth: (IAar, L in art. مصد:) and ↓ ارتشفها he kissed her and sucked in her saliva; from رشف [i. e. رَشَفٌ] meaning “ saliva: ” and ↓ ترشّف signifies he sucked in much: (Har p. 231:) or i. q. تَمَصَّصَ. (O.) It is said in a prov., الرَّشْفُ أَنْقَعُ, i. e. The sucking in (↓ ترشّف) of water by little and little is most effectual to quench thirst. (S, O, K.) 2 رَشَّفَ see above.4 أَرْشَفَ see above.5 تَرَشَّفَ see 1, in three places.8 إِرْتَشَفَ see 1, in two places.

رَشَفٌ A small quantity of water remaining in a watering-trough, or tank: the surface of the water, which the camels suck in with their mouths. (Lth, O, K.) b2: Saliva. (Har p. 231: but there without the vowel-signs.) رَشُوفٌ Sweet in the mouth; sweet-mouthed; [as though her saliva were sucked in by her lover because of its sweetness;] applied to a woman. (S, O, Msb, K.) b2: Also Dry in the فَرْج; so applied. (IAar, O, K.) b3: And A she-camel that eats with her lip. (As, O, K.) رَشِيفٌ an inf. n., [like رَشْفٌ,] (Lth, O,) The taking of water with the two lips; (Lth, O, K;) exceeding what is termed مَصٌّ. (Lth, O.) مِرْشَفٌ An instrument with which one sucks in water &c. Its pl. مَرَاشِفُ is used in the present day as meaning The lips: thus in the phrase اِمْرَأَةٌ عَذْبَةُ المَرَاشِفِ A woman sweet in the lips; a sweet-lipped woman.] [This art. is wanting in the copies of the L and TA to which I have had access.]
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