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1 رَزَبَهُ, (A, K,) aor. ـُ inf. n. رَزْبٌ, (TK,) He kept, or clave, to him, or it, (A, K,) not departing. (K.) إِرْزَبٌّ, (S, K,) quasi-coordinate to جِرْدَحْلٌ, (S,) applied to a man, (TA,) Short: (S, K:) and great, or old; syn. كَبِيرٌ: and thick and strong: and big, or bulky: (K:) or short and thick and strong: (TA:) or great in body, and stupid, foolish, or deficient in intellect. (Abu-l-'Abbás, TA.) b2: Also The vulva of a woman; (K;) accord. to Kr, a subst. [properly speaking] applied thereto: (TA:) or an epithet, meaning large, or big, (S, K,) applied thereto, (K,) or applied to a رَكَب [i. e. pubes]. (S.) إِرْزَبَّةٌ and ↓ مِرْزَبَّةٌ, both with teshdeed; (A, K;) or the former only, (S, Msb, K,) of these two, (S, Msb,) and ↓ مِرْزِبَةٌ, without teshdeed; (S, A, Msb;) ↓ the second mentioned by Ks, (Mgh,) but it is vulgar, (Fs, Msb,) and said by ISk to be wrong; (Msb;) A thing with which clods of clay are broken: (S, L:) or a small rod, or batoon, of iron: (A, K:) and the last, ↓ مِرْزَبَةٌ, without teshdeed, a large blacksmith's hammer: (TA:) or a mallet with which wooden pins or pegs or stakes are knocked into the ground or into a wall; syn. مِيتَدَةٌ: (Mgh:) the pl. of the first is أَرَازِبُ; (Msb;) and of ↓ the last, مَرَازِبُ, (A, Msb,) as also of مَرْزُبَانٌ [q. v.]. (A.) مَرْزَبَةٌ [A satrapy; the government of a satrap, or prefect of the Persians;] the headship of the Persians. (K.) You say, فُلَانٌ عَلَى مَرْزَبَةِ كَذَا, and لَهُ مَرْزَبَةُ كَذَا, [Such a one is over the satrapy of, or has the office of satrap over, such a province,] like as you say, لَهُ دَهْقَنَةُ كَذَا. (S.) مِرْزَبَةٌ and مِرْزَبَّةٌ: see إِرْزَبَّةٌ, in five places.

مِرْزَابٌ i. q. مِيزَابٌ [and مِزْرَابٌ, i. e. A water-spout; &c.; see art. وزب]; (A, K;) a dial. var. thereof; (S, Msb;) but not a chaste word; (S;) and disallowed by A'Obeyd, (TA,) and by ISk and Fr and AHat. (TA voce مِزْرَابٌ.) b2: Also A great ship: (A, K:) or a long ship: (Az, S, K:) pl. مَرَازِيبُ. (Az, S.) مَرْزُبَانٌ [A satrap; or] a great man, or chief, (A, Mgh, K,) of the Persians: (S, Mgh, K:) or a courageous cavalier who is set over a people, under a king: (TA:) it is said, on the authority of As, that the chief of the عَجَم [here meaning Persians] was called مَرْزُبَانٌ and مَزْرُبَانٌ: (IB, TA:) مرزبان is an arabicized word, (S, Mgh,) [originally Persian,] used anciently: (Shifá el-Ghaleel, TA:) pl. مَرَازِبَةٌ. (S, A, Mgh, K.) Hence, [and from مَرَازِبَةٌ as pl. of مِرْزَبَةٌ,] the saying, أَعُوذُ بِاللّٰهِ مِنَ المَرَازِبَةِ وَمَا بِأَيْدِيهِمْ مِنَ المَرَازِبَةِ [I seek protection by God from the satraps, and the iron batoons that are in their hands]. (A.) b2: And hence, (S Mgh,) مَرْزُبَانُ الرَّأْرَةِ, (S, Mgh, K,) [lit. The chief of the forest, or the like,] the latter word meaning الأَجَمَةِ, (Mgh, TA,) and also pronounced الزَّارَةِ; (Mgh;) an appellation of the lion; (S, Mgh, K;) and so ↓ المَرْزُبَانِىُّ; for which ElMufaddal said المَزْبَرَانِىُّ, as referring to the زُبْرَة of the lion; but As disallowed this. (S.) المَرْزُبَانِىُّ: see what next precedes.
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